What a beautiful land this is!

No matter how many times I traverse the environs of Winterfell, no matter how I travel – by foot, by water or by air, I am constantly amazed at how lovely this country is and at the work the Creator has given to those of us who live here. What a gift!

The homes, the lighthouses, the statues, the trees, the waterways…the towns, the wilds. I can’t get enough!

I had heard recently of changes to come in the land and I wanted to see it all one last time. So this evening I rode the ferry throughout the land – the whole route, a round trip. Boarding just down the street from my home at Port Laudanum, I was ready for a combination of thrills at the wonderful sights and the serenity and calm of a slow passage by water. I was not disappointed.

I could have documented this trip, as any serious explorer should, and filed my report at the office. I saw Mr. Steampunk there just before I left. “What are your plans for the evening sir? If you’re not in a hurry, how about a pint at the Inn?” “No hurry Mr. Steampunk,” I replied, “but I must be off. I have a date with a beauty.” He laughed, “Enjoy your time sir.” I grinned at my misleading words. I didn’t want this evening to be an official trip. It wasn’t for others, it was for me. My date was with a beauty by the name of Winterfell. And I would not be in a hurry.

I could tell you of the trip. I could describe the sights. I could relay a funny snippet of an overheard conversation along the way. But I won’t. This evening will stay with me. It will be a memory I will cherish. Even more so when the changes come.

I am not worried about the changes. Whatever will be, will be. One thing I’m sure will not change is the essence of Winterfell. I will ride the ferry again in the future. I will take another round trip after the changes are done. I am sure that trip will be wonderous too. But it won’t be this one. This one will not be forgotten.

Next door to me in Laudanum, there are people dancing at The Rabbit Hole. I sit here at my desk, writing. The Boston Symphony Orchestra is playing on my wireless. It is a live broadcast. As the music plays, I close my eyes and the images I have just seen on my ferry trip move through my mind once again.

What a beautiful land this is!