July 24

The day of the changes has come.

I am writing from the upstairs bar at The Emerald Inn in Laudanum. It is a safe distance from the activity to the north. At least that is my hope.

Mr. Steampunk is not here today and for this I am glad. He is the ultimate explorer and would have to place himself as close to the action as possible were he here. I, on the other hand, am a patient man (save for that first trip to Ravens Reach last spring) and can sit here and wait.

It is the kind of day one shall not soon forget. There is definitely a buzz in the air as the changes take place. There appear to be more people than usual in the Winterfell lands today. Some must be watching, others waiting like me.

The day began at my New Toulouse residence as work needed to be done there on the house. Next a quick stop in Caledon SouthEnd to check on the progress in the setting up of my new pub there. Then I came here to wait.

Through the day I have checked the maps often. More than once today the map of Winterfell has changed, just as was foretold by the Seneschelf. What is not clear to me after five months of living and working in Winterfell is whether the Seneschelf’s power is the ability to see the future or whether she is the actual architect of the future. I realize this may sound far fetched to some but, in my experience as a time traveller, I have seen many things that sound incredible at first but turn out, in the end, to be true. I do not know if Miss Serra’s powers stretch beyond these lands but she certainly has powers here, whatever they are.

There are other changes in the land as well. On a walk through Absinthe I saw new shops opening as well as a new embassy for New Toulouse, though it was in quite a state of disarray. Yesterday I spoke with Mr. Oddenfen. He told me of changes he has brought about at Miss Macchi’s estate in Reverie. I told him I had been meaning to take a trip up there to survey the grounds at the invitation of Miss Macchi. He asked that I postpone the trip for now. It seems that not everything is going as he had hoped. Although I am disappointed I shall, of course, honor his request.

With all these changes about, this might not be the best time to be taking a trip across Winterfell anyway.