To Aldo Stern, proprietor of the Falling Anvil, the village pub in Caledon Tamrannoch

July 29

Good day Mr. Stern,

I wish to report that the music stream in your wonderful pub, The Falling Anvil, has not worked in quite some months. I have visited many times but alas, each time, only for a moment as the place is as quiet as a library…not the kind of thing a drinking man can put up with for long. It is so tantalizingly close, just a walk across the common from my Steampunk Explorer office in Tamrannoch. I dream that some day I shall enter and the music will play and I will sit and drink and sit and drink and sit and drink until the cows come home. Should you ever find a way to make the music play please do contact me as you will then have a regular customer.


Danko Whitfield

PS  It is really just the music I long for, you need not acquire any cows. Thank you sir.