It was a Sunday. I was sitting by the fire in my brand new home in Ebonshire, listening to music and sipping some cocoa. All was right with the world.

A crier brought a message of an event taking place in Anodyne with the sauciest of titles, BoobieThon. It was said to be a fundraiser aimed at bringing attention to the problem of cancer of the breast. The crier proclaimed the event featured a kissing booth, fortune telling and other attractions, most notably, bare-breasted women dancing. And all for a worthy cause, of course.

I decided to investigate this BoobieThon as I do like to take part in community events when time allows and am always willing to help out a good charity effort. I am also a man who enjoys a good pair of boobies.

Upon arrival I observed a gypsy caravan with each cart featuring a different attraction. A warm welcome was called to me by the participants including a direct invitation to the kissing booth which I accepted.

The booth was manned (womanned?) by Twee Avedon, a faun who is an active member of the Winterfell community. There she stood, with her boobies visible to all. What a delightful afternoon this was turning out to be! With some slight (but only slight) hesitation I embraced Miss Avedon and she kissed me. I had not previously kissed a faun, I must admit, but I can tell you it was a pleasant experience. It was a polite kiss but a lengthy one. I did surely get my money’s worth. (Thank you Twee!)  And it was for a good cause, of course. I paid the donation box for my kiss. 

Looking around for what to do next I spotted a tent with refreshments and novelties. They were all free and the selection included popcorn. I am not one to pass up popcorn especially when it is free. I took my popcorn to the Tarot card reader and stood in line.

When my turn came I stepped into the booth where Dream Deanimator, another leading Winterfallen, sat with boobies exposed. Miss Deanimator prepared to read my Tarot cards. She asked if I wanted a long or short term view of my future. I wasn’t sure. I asked for her recommendation, not being familiar with these matters myself. She suggested we focus on the next month or so. This sounded fine to me. I have never known what to make of those who can see to the future. As a time traveler, I can go there but to see there from here is an ability I cannot quite fathom.

Miss Deanimator went to work. I was told to concentrate, which I did, barely touching my popcorn, maybe just a bite or two. She talked of something that is going on in my life right now. How could she know this? No one knows this! It was fascinating if a bit unnerving but she said that it will work out as I have hoped. And so far, it has. I offered her some popcorn but she declined. I thanked her for this important insight – and for the lovely view – and proceeded to the donation box once again.

I looked around a bit more at the caravan, at the boobies, and munched on my popcorn. The Tarot card experience had given me so much to think about that I could not stay longer.

I gave my goodbyes and returned to Ebonshire. On my way I continued to think about what Dream had said about my present – it was truly uncanny – and my immediate future. I cannot talk of this to anyone and so I have not. That is what caught me off guard so. But, oddly, there was something good about being caught this way and there was now a different kind of anticipation about what was to come…almost knowing but only almost. It was a bit frightening but just a bit, it was quite exciting. Having this assurance of success was not surprising in itself but the whole enterprise – and that is not the right word – is surprising. I can not put it in words. But Dream’s forecast made me feel, well…good, warm, almost content.

I sat quietly by the fire in Ebonshire and looked west at the fading sun, eating my popcorn. I sat there for quite a long time. It was a big bucket of corn.