The new cottage in Ebonshire is my favorite hangout* of the moment. I was relaxing there one quiet day (it is always a quiet day in Ebonshire) when news arrived from the south of Winterfell that an automobile had been seen in one of the towns.

It certainly was the talk of the town! Public opinion was strongly against such things. The one exception that seemed to get support was for a Steampunk-style car. One citizen pointed out that Queen Victoria did indeed live long enough that the first autos did come along during her lifetime. So an early car might pass in the southern towns but the car that was being driven through Winterfell was a late-20th century vehicle, a Corvette to be specific.

It made me wonder how one could keep such things from happening here. Do we need a local constabulary?   I do hope not. Chances are such an occurrence may not be seen in Winterfell again for months or years.


* popular late 20th century word for a place to visit frequently for relaxation, a “hangout” is a place to hang out as in “I’ve been hanging out at my hangout in Ebonshire” though this would be somewhat redundant


The appearance of Eventide where Amaranthine once stood was a bit jolting at first. But I knew I would come to be glad for it. To have a view of ships from my house just over the line in Laudanum is most excellent. I plan to move some trees and put my Adirondack chair on the side of the house facing Eventide so I can sip a pint and look at the water and ships.