I have never told you much about my home in Caledon.

Whitfield Point on Cape Wrath is my escape by the sea. I have a two-story house on this spot on the western coast of Wrath. The sunset view from the grounds, the porches and inside the house are breathtaking. My main collection of maps is housed here. I love to spend time in my map room and listen to my favorite wireless set.

The public area has the ferry landing and a boardwalk-style deck.


(handbill from the Cape Wrath Ferry)

A Brief History of Whitfield Point

Hudson Whitfield, great-grandfather of the present owner, was one of the first to explore this area. He built a cabin and established a fishing camp which his family and friends used for many summers. By the time the town of Cape Wrath was incorporated by Guv. Shang, the Whitfields had not used the land in some years.

In recent times Danko Whitfield, exploring his roots and looking for a seaside retreat, purchased the property. He erected a private home but desired to keep one of the three parcels that make up the property open to the public, allowing access to its spectacular view of the sunset over the ocean.

He invited the Cape Wrath Ferry Line to place a landing at Whitfield Point. The Caledon National Ferry Line also is available from the point.