The SS Explorer has been anchored at my Austral home since I purchased her two months ago. She just sits there, looking beautiful. I do wish to take my friends for a sail but I have to learn this ship first. I had not had the chance to take her out. It was time.

We set sail to the Sea of Fables last week and a wonderful trip it was. Our purpose was to begin to explore this sea which I had read about only recently. We docked in Bohol which would be our starting point for a day trip around the north of Fables, a scouting trip to begin to learn the area.

The next morning we set out for the open water through Sargasso and into Baltic. Then it was north through Celebes and Sulu. The seagulls were plentiful and a few followed our path. We then entered Okhotsk for the pass between Joppa and Gorgon Islands. I had been warned to avoid the gorgons that are said to inhabit the latter island. These serpents (some are said to have wings) are known to have the power to turn a person to stone by gazing directly at their eyes. I chose to cover my head with a cloth that I could pull down over my eyes should I see a gorgon before she saw me. We passed by the island without incident. This would be the only danger point on the trip, it was clear sailing from here.

Next, I guided the Explorer on to Cortez and up along the east coast of Perseus Island, then west along its northern coast. It was here that I determined to change our destination. Although my interest in coming here was to explore the Sea of Fables I realized that we were fairly close to land I used to own on the Atoll continent to the north of us. I thought it might be fun to go up and see the old neighborhood or whatever it had become. So we headed west through Bering and into Lane, where we followed the coastline until turning northward into the mouth of the East River, through Pippen and then passing under the great bridge in Macclaine. We passed through the Free Town of Helvellyn, a part of the East River Community a well-governed, attractive settlement along either side of the river covering all or part of a number of regions. The river was a channel through Helvellyn but well marked with lighted buoys. Then through Kirkstone and finally, Brooks, my old hometown.

The East River Community had been established while I was operating my town, Pine Tree Square, in Brooks but it has been growing consistently since, including the acquisition of my old land. Brooks now mostly grows wild, a forrest area, thick with beautiful trees and other vegetation.

We sailed past my old boathouse parcel in Skiddaw, then through Cook, Joiner and Champlain. I was looking for a seaside tavern to stop at but the area had none to offer.

Finally in Erie, I put up at Katy’s Dock, made arrangements for the ship and then returned to the steamlands. I went to The Evergreen Pub, my place in Caledon SouthEnd, to sit and record the day’s journey over a late supper.

But the first thing I wrote in my journal was not about the Sea of Fables nor was it of my old neighborhood, it was: the SS Explorer is fit to sail. Based on that alone, this mission was a success. We will go back to the Sea of Fables as there is much more to explore there, a vast area. First, however, I must take her to waters I know well as observer but not yet as sailor, in my present neighborhoods. I will learn the local waters and show her off a little.