First there were rumors, now there is confirmation! What was dismissed as “just talk” by some a few days ago turns out to be fact. Caledon is preparing for war!

The timeline for the invasion is not known but Caledon has been taking steps in preparation for war against the Mainland. Air, land and sea forces are being readied. The Guv’nah, Desmond Shang, spoke openly of war at a gathering of leading Caledonians over the weekend. On Tuesday, at her regular Tea, Prim Minister Gabrielle Riel of New Toulouse told those gathered of Caledon’s war plans and gave excerpts of a communiqué sent her by Mr. Shang. The communiqué was sent to other steamland heads of state as well. It asked them to ally with Caledon in the war effort. Ms. Riel announced that New Toulouse will remain neutral in the War of 2010. Ms. Riel, a prominent Caledonian herself, said she opposes the idea of war. She also offered her opinion that New Babbage will ally with Caledon.


Dear Reader, I will continue to follow the war events and publish them here. I do not yet know if I will write as observer or participant as I am still gathering information. While the above report may sound incredible to you, Caledon has been involved in wars in the past. This was before my time in the steamlands so I intend to research this.