Excerpts from my personal journal, Nov 25-26

It is Thanksgiving morning for some of us. Went by Winterfell Harbour last night, snow on the ground. Just a couple inches, first snow of the year.

The forecast calls for snow throughout Winterfell this weekend.

New Babbage will see snow as well. Not sure if it’s from the same storm.


I love autumn and hate to see the fall colors go…But this is my first winter in the steamlands…so as the forecasts of snow have come in i have looked forward to it


Fri morn…there is snow in babbage – snowing in Acad of Indust while i was there at SE office, Steelhead, parts of Caledon

Fri aftn – snow has fallen throughout Winterfell


Friday aftn I jotted a brief note to a friend, “It snowed in Winterfell today, only about an inch but winter is here. In New Babbage and Steelhead too. Isolated spots in Caledon also had light snow. I was in Babbage this morning while it was coming down. Pretty cool. Next time you come up to Winterfell, dress warmly. I’m going to have to see if I own a scarf. – Danko”