Most people I have spoken with so far about the war plans of Caledon seem to oppose it. Some of those I have spoken with are devout pacifists, some are neutral or opposed to this particular war, and others wish the ills of that other world would not invade this one.

Although I was certainly excited to uncover and publish the news that war is in the planning stages and had initial thoughts about an active role for myself, I am heartened by this. Even in that other world, when I have supported a war, I have saluted those who oppose it, including those who oppose all war at any cost. I thank the higher power for the pacifists and I always will. Without them we might all be dead.

Then there are those who simply do not care. Some have treated the news as ho-hum. They have seen Caledon go to war before and, if they were impressed by it last time – and many were not, they are certainly not so this time. Yet, I should add, general interest in the war is, in fact, high as can be gleaned by the increased readership of this publication since my initial war report appeared. 

I must say that I have been surprised by this strong and seemingly widespread reaction of opposition and indifference and have begun to wonder if there is enough public support to carry out a war. Some noted steamlanders have stated publicly that Caledon may regret war and that it could bring harm to the steamlands in general. Others have questioned whether the war might hurt Caledon but help other steamland nations. The economic impact of the war seems to be the concern in both cases.

For myself, I have decided to be an observer rather than a participant. Although I think it would be quite interesting ((OOC: and fun!)) to be actively involved, I have homes in four steamland nations, one is Caledon, two have announced their neutrality, the other has made no announcement at all and given no hint that it ever will, choosing to ignore the matter entirely it appears.

The most important view, for me, is the official view of Winterfell. I was not clear if her membership in the Realm of the Roses obliged Winterfell to take part but I am glad it does not. Unless Winterfell herself was attacked, it does not seem like a place that would ever be involved in war. It seems more a place to escape from such madness. Winterfell has her own madness…of a much more pleasant variety! I did feel an obligation to support whatever the view of Winterfell is on this war as it is my main home but even before I learned of Miss Serra’s decision to remain neutral, I had moved to the position on my own that I would simply observe and report. That is a position I am comfortable with and familiar with as well as it calls on skills I developed in another world. It will be interesting (and it is surprising) to apply them here.