My old friend Seamus has moved into the guesthouse in Laudanum. He is “between parcels” on the mainland and will stay for a bit. He keeps threatening to move to Winterfell and live in a castle. I wish he would do it and have told him so several times.

Mr. Quinquifid Oddenfen has Ms. Macchi worried anew. His work in another world has had an unintended and devastating result. She has asked me to counsel him should he be in touch. I did not ask why he would contact me before her.

I visited Blue Mars again recently. I can’t think of any thing good to say about this world at this time. So annoying! This was my third visit. The first two were quite some months ago. I expected marked improvement. Just as before, even moving about is tedious.

I have heard tell many times about a person’s objects disappearing from this world without warning, even things one assumes are safely put away. I have now experienced this phenomenon. My closet of Victorian clothing has been hit. I have not lost everything but a surprising amount and in a manner that follows no pattern. You shall see me in the shops. I will not be looking for Christmas gifts.