My good friend, Seamus Gumbo has been staying at my guesthouse in Laudanum these past two weeks. I was at my seaside retreat in Cape Wrath most of the day, Friday. It was late when I received a note by messenger from Laudanum:

“Danko, WTF? There is a war going on right here in your neighborhood! A shell just hit the house behind me. The house is on fire. I thought Winterfell was a quiet place. Man, I can’t stay here with this going on. – Sea”

“What in blazes is happening here?” I asked myself. “First, the sinking of a ship next door in Eventide and now shelling on my street? I thought Caledon was going to attack the Mainland. What is all this about in Winterfell?”

I had not planned to return to Laudanum until Saturday afternoon but upon receiving the message I left for home immediately