By Danko Whitfield, War Correspondent

High above Caledon sits an assemblage of airships of types this reporter has not seen previously. These ships are examples of the latest Steampunk technology. Equipped with advanced weaponry, the airships sit and wait for the day they will move to the front lines of a coming war. This squadron included an airship carrier and several support ships and aereoplanes. This reporter was told that this was only a small portion of Caledon’s air fleet.

Working on a tip from a source close to the Caledon leadership, your correspondent was able to view the airships personally. I will not report the whereabouts of this squadron to avoid revealing military secrets. I can only say that each ship is in perfect condition. This reporter was also able to view a massive structure which appeared to be an airborne, moveable airbase. The base is known as the Iron Cloud.

My source provided the information that led to this discovery stating, ”Perhaps if the Mainland knows what’s coming, they’ll be disinclined to offer much resistance.”

While Caledon’s air forces are said to be modern, large and ready, several sources have told this correspondent that the nation’s seagoing fleet pales in comparison. These sources say the naval force is small and in need of major technological improvements.