Well I’ll be! Who wouldda thunk it? The land I love, where my main residence is, where my personal office is, where my favorite pub is, where my hideaway in the woods is – that land, Winterfell, has called on me to be her representative “to the world.”

I have been named Winterfell Ambassador by the Seneschelf. My duties: to represent her and the realm in all matters of foreign policy, to take the story that is Winterfell to places near and far. I am humbled by the honor and challenged by the opportunity.

And what a time to be given such an assignment, just as our friend and neighbor to the south, Caledon, appears on the verge of war. Times in this world were already difficult enough with the economic situation as it is and now war. Well, when the going gets tough…

There is much to do and no time to waste. I must begin by presenting my credentials to the heads of state where Winterfell has embassies and, naturally, Caledon will be first. ‘Naturally’ as they are our sister nation in the Realm of the Roses and doubly so now because of their war footing.

While these new responsibilities could weigh heavy at such a delicate time, I am thankful to have earned the trust and respect Miss Serra has shown in making this appointment as it gives me the chance, by way of service to our land, to pay my respects to her and what she has created here.

Winterfell means so much to me. It completely changed my life. I will never forget the day I landed here nor will I forget how Winterfell so quickly pulled me close, arms tight around me and whispered in my ear, “Do you really want to go back to the Mainland?” I did not, I could not. I knew this land was my true home.

I will do my best, I will give my all, I will not fail.

For Winterfell.