One of my homes away from home, Austral, is no more. The government has disbanded, the settlers have moved on and the entire nation is gone from the virtual map. But the memories remain.

Dec 24, 10a SLT – I am standing on the front balcony of my home in New Toulouse watching the snow fall. A freak storm had been predicted but I had to see it for myself before I could believe that snow would fall in this normally warm climate. It is quite cold and the snowfall, though light, is steady. It is beginning to accumulate on the ground.

Dec 25, 9p SLT –A couple of inches of snow on the ground in New Toulouse and it continues to fall. The wind has caused blowing and drifting such that the snow is knee deep here and there while in other spots the street is bare. I don’t believe this city has any means of snow removal. We shall just have to wait for it to melt. That should not take long in these parts.

Rumor from Caledon has it that Denver Hax may have taken on an apprentice. But for what purpose is not known. Could Mr. Hax be working on some new project? Isn’t Mr. Hax always working on a new project?

I attended the New Year’s Eve ball at Steelhead Port Harbor where I saw a number of steamlands dignitaries. My dance partner was the lovely Eleanor Banks, adventuress and clothing designer (see her new shop, “Cosmic Steam Designs” in Caledon Oxbridge Village). Ms. Banx was my neighbor in Austral.

A very Happy New Year to all!