I am writing from Glengarry in Caledon, sitting at the bar in the Timetraveller’s Rest, a new pub that has just opened. Time travellers who are familiar with the 1950s will be at home with the retro décor here which includes a sign designating it a bomb shelter in the event of an atomic holocaust. Fancy that, taking refuge in a pub as the world ends. You could certainly do worse.

What an odd time the 1950s must be. I have heard some call it the “good old days,” a simpler time. I suppose it was if you were white and male and did not question authority. Although I was born in that decade I do not recall it. From my vantage point it seems a nice time to visit but I wouldn’t want to live then.

But the pub is quite nice with a rather sexy waitress in attire one would not normally see in the steamlands, at least not in public. I try to charm her a bit with conversation but she does not seem much for talk. While the building befits the Steampunk style, the interior is decorated with the classic ’50s furniture – red leather couch and comfy chairs, the requisite icons of Route 66, Budweiser and the like in the decorations. It is cozy and friendly. This will surely be a watering hole I will visit again when travelling through these parts.

I have stopped for a brew and a time out from my travels and activities of these past five days. I have been so busy trying to catch up with my duties and projects after several weeks visiting that other world from which I hail. It is so good to be back. There has been so much happening in these past few days I can barely keep up. But it has all been fun. Catching up with my friends, hearing their news, tending to my homes and offices, pursuing a diplomatic matter for the Seneschelf and even finding time for a little exploring.

As I sip my beer, I take out my notebook and go through my recent scribbling. So many stories to tell, so much going on, where to begin? I shall just jump in and let the pen go where it goes…

Check these pages again soon.