Easter Sunday morning.

I am sitting in my Ebonshire cottage, doing my budget and staring out the window. I recently decided to reorganize my landholdings. In the last two days I have sold two parcels in Port Laudanum. One of them used to host my guesthouse and the other was the Steampunk Explorer office. SE is closing most of its offices and the guesthouse was sitting idle. I was planning to put a gallery on that spot but my plans have changed. Coincidentally, the new owner will use the spot for a gallery!

It is a beautiful morning in the north of Winterfell and people are taking advantage of it. In the last few minutes two people sailed down the river in a lovely old boat, then the Winterfell Ferry passed by carrying two others, and another person passed my house as she walked along the riverbank. It is a nice day to be outside, so what am I doing in here?

Well, the land transactions caused me to update my books and I don’t have much energy for sailing or exploring as I have been under the weather of late.

I am not sure what brought the illness on but it may go back to last Sunday night. I was spending the evening at my Cape Wrath house and was already ailing when I decided fresh air was what I needed. I walked out onto the balcony to look at the moon. It was a beautiful night in Wrath or so I thought until a flash caught my eye and caused me to look to the southwest. There were dark clouds over Inish and a a storm was raging. The lightning show was a sight to see and I could hear the thunder rolling in the distance. There were heavy rains and wind and it looked to be coming my way. I watched the storm for nearly an hour but the system seemed stuck over Inish though its winds were felt in Wrath, as evidenced by the flags on my property which were flapping in the strong gale. I should have gone inside or put on a heavier coat but I could not take my eyes off the storm.

So here I sit, a week later, still coughing and sneezing and feeling poorly. I have the fire going and will heat up some soup, while others are sailing and strolling and enjoying the sights of Winterfell on a lovely Easter Sunday morn.