I have been much too busy in the other world from which I hail. It has been a troublesome time there and I much regret that it has kept me away from this world. This world has been my escape and of late I have been too busy for escaping. It makes the troubles worse when there is no escape. Although they are not over, things are at least stable at the moment. It may sound like a good thing but it is not. The only good to come out of it is that I am now finding the time for escapes. I am so thrilled to be here I cannot put it in words. Doing the most routine things in this world the past few days has brought me much joy.

So now…much to catch up with.

While away I have wondered if I was missing the outbreak of war involving Caledon. But before I could begin to look into that matter, word came of military action right here in Winterfell! When I arrived at my official office in Absinthe, there was a dispatch on my desk from Admiral Beaumont. He had placed our navy on high alert in anticipation of defending the Isle of Skye in central Winterfell. Skye is located in the territory of Eventide, the Admiralty’s home port. Therefore it seemed most incredible that it would ever come under attack. But Lady Eva of Skye was preparing for an attack by the Vulgarians and indeed had received direct threats. Before I could confer with the Seneschelf and the Admiral or contact Lady Eva to offer any diplomatic assistance, word came that war had broken out already. So much for thoughts of diplomacy. As of this writing I can only say that the battle is over, the waterways of  Winterfell are safe and Admiral Beaumont’s forces continue to monitor the situation. An official statement from Lady Eva is expected.

Back to Caledon, I had followed the signs of war preparations closely for months, picking up a little information here and a little more there. I would hate to miss the start of hostilities after all that. Well, I have checked with my sources in Caledon and found that while the war plans may have stalled they have not been abandoned. And, although the main target has not changed, there was an unrelated and unexpected battle awhile back in Bay City, a minor skirmish I am told. I will endeavor to get more details about that now that I am back on the beat.

I was stuck inside of Fruit Islands with the LL blues again for several days in July. I could not escape my 21st century beach retreat by any means known. In order to investigate the problem, I offered up several Alts to the Server God. They too became stuck. For a little while we gave up trying to escape and had a party. The conversation was most agreeable. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a room with so many intelligent people at one time before.

(The above paragraph appears with apologies to the bard, Bob Dylan and his song and to the statesman, John F. Kennedy and his remark regarding Thomas Jefferson.)

I recently watched Ray Weyland’s new video. What a lovely song and the visuals matched so nicely. A fine production all around.

My fourth Rez Day passed on July 21 without my notice. As usual.

My previous entry on these pages referenced the SS Explorer. Note: When my ship flies the Whitfield Coat of Arms or the Steampunk Explorer group flag it is known as the SS Explorer. But when it flies the Winterfell national flag she becomes the SS Ambassador. I also own a smaller ship, the SS Wanderer. Generally, I sail the Explorer when I am doing what the name signifies, exploring the open seas and waterways of this world and looking for adventure. The Wanderer is used for less treacherous voyages – familiar waters and small rivers. The Ambassador goes out when I am on official realm business or when I think it appropriate to show the colors. I recently joined the Winterfell Privateers group and do hope to attend some of their events in the future.

Oh, I (we) eventually escaped Fruit Islands through extraordinary means. I had to resort to using a tool I reserve for travelling to another world. Normally I arrive in this world using a device called Viewer 2 but this time I invoked the use of a tool called Imprudence and it was only then that I was able to lead all to safety. They thanked me profusely. After all, where would they be without me?