August 6

Dear Uncle Manuel,

Thank you for your recent letter. It was good to hear that things are going so well with the farm. Now that it all seems under control you can start making plans for retirement.

Thank you for the book on home remedies. I do promise to get to it just as soon as I have a moment. Things in Winterfell are quiet, other than a military attack in the territory just north of here. Have no fear, I was not in any danger. Unfortunately I missed the whole thing and had to hear about it from my friends and colleagues after the fact. As you know, my commitments in the other world and my health troubles had left me little time to be as involved as I would like here but I have been busy catching up with my work. The Seneschelf is quite understanding and has cautioned me to ease my way back into things slowly.

I was most tickled to hear that you are receiving such enjoyment from the wireless set I gave you on my last visit. I agree with your comment that it is quite rewarding to listen to music of a particular time period on a device that was made in that same period.

Is it the music that has inspired your thoughts of travelling to New Toulouse? I would not be surprised by that considering how musical this family has always been. Yes, I still maintain a home there and have for a little over a year now. But just recently, I sold the home I have told you about and purchased another. The old one was right downtown, amid the hustle and bustle and I did like it quite a bit. It was an easy walk to the galleries, jazz clubs and bars. (I live such a tough life here! Not, like on the farm, eh?) But the property was a bit too large for my needs so I have relocated to the outskirts of town in Jardin parish on a smaller parcel. It is a quieter neighborhood with stately Victorian homes. I can hear you chuckling now. You know how I am about the Victorian style. I am chuckling too.

A visit in autumn would be grand! It will likely take me that long to get the new house in order anyway. I have not had the chance to move in yet and it sits there, empty. Workmen have been hired to literally turn the house around as the builder put it facing the wrong way! I don’t care what century you are in, it is the same old story, you can never find good help. I hope to have the house reset in the next two weeks as the long-term weather forecast predicts a serious storm, possibly a hurricane, for mid-August or just after. I am sure you recall my letter about last year’s hurricane. I do wish not to go through that again but while I am tempted to stay here in Winterfell until the coast is clear, I think it best that I spend at least part of the storm in Jardin to keep watch on the house. I will send a quick note when the storm passes so you will know how I have made out.

In the meanwhile, do take care of yourself and let the forewoman continue to oversee the daily operation. I know it is difficult for you to see a woman work that hard but the lady can handle it. And yes, I agree, she is a looker. (Where did you pick up such a phrase, Uncle? I thought you were leaving time travel to the next generation? Rest up, man!)

Sincerely, your favorite(!) nephew,