I have just established an ‘inworld’ group for readers of my articles here and in other publications. Anyone can join the group which is called:

Danko Whitfield’s Readers

It will be used to send notices to members when I have published a new article or series of articles here and elsewhere. And you can wear the fun group tag, Steaming Along.

My blog has become rather popular and I am quite flattered by this. I have so many readers now that sending them individual notes about a new piece has become impossible. Hence, the formation of the above group. There are, of course, other means to keep abreast of the latest writing on this site, for example you could ‘subscribe’ to this blog.

Thank you for the kindness of your readership.

Editor’s Note: You can join Danko Whitfield’s Readers in Second Life, Kitely, InWorldz, OSgrid and Avination.