Writing from Laudanum at the end of a foggy day in Winterfell. Most days seem that way lately. The phrase ‘a twilight mist’ comes to mind. That might make a nice title for a future article.

Speaking of writing, after forming the aforementioned group, Danko Whitfield’s Readers on Sunday, Monday brought on another group, the Society of Steamland Bloggers. The mission of this group will be to allow the keepers of journals in the Steamlands to share ideas, ask questions, announce new blogs or new posts. Miss Abigail Raymaker is working with me on this group and has established a blog for the group itself. Once we have things set up and ready to serve members we will make a formal announcement to the public. This should come within the next week or two. In the meantime, interested bloggers can go ahead and join the group. If you write about the Steamlands or if you blog about something else but live in the Steamlands, this is the group for you! Even inactive bloggers should join as you may be able to use your past experience to help others. This is my personal invitation to you to join us. Thanks.

I spent a day in New Toulouse last week with a full agenda. I started by checking on my house in Jardin and then headed up to Algiers for a pint at Le Vieux Canal Jazz Club, which as all my friends know is one of my favorite spots. I had a nice conversation with the head bartender, Jean Lafitte about his privateer days. The man can talk, I must say! Then it was off to Miz Gabi’s tea in Bourbon for the latest community news and discussion. Nice to see everyone as always. Following the meeting I conferred with Addison Greymyst, the New Toulouse Ambassador to Winterfell, and gave him a tour of Winterfell’s embassy in Bourbon.

Saturday I was at Lady Twilight’s town hall meeting in Winterfell Anodyne. Because of scheduling conflicts I had not been to one of these monthly sessions in some time. It was informative and fun as usual. The fun increased when Miss Serra broke out the rum. I propose we have rum at all future meetings!

A last minute schedule change Tuesday allowed me to attend Ambassador Greymyst’s tea at the New Toulouse embassy in Winterfell Absinthe. I caught the early show. It was well attended with quite a collection of notable Steamlanders on hand, including heads of state, Miss Serra of Winterfell and Miz Gabi of New Toulouse. The conversation was quite lively and most fun. There was something ‘different’ about Miss Eili McCullough. A new hair style perhaps? I was not alone in noticing. Miss Francesca Alva opined that it must be Miss Eili’s new hat. Yes, I think that was it.

By the way, I have now confirmed a report I received earlier that Amb. Greymyst’s evening affair in Absinthe was interrupted by a Zombie attack! My, my, my. Zombies in Winterfell! Is anywhere safe?

While I was away tending to business in the first world, quite a bit of correspondence arrived here. I have been sifting through the mail as quickly as I can. The other day I discovered a letter that had been sent by my brother, Levon. He writes that he has received a satchel from Uncle Manuel containing letters from our late parents. Levon did not say what was in these letters but did say he will journey to Winterfell to deliver the satchel to me. I have not seen my brother in some time. He did visit me in Cape Wrath once shortly after I bought the property. It will be good to see Levon again. As children and as young men just starting out, we were very close. The years and our travels intervened but whenever we do reunite we pick right up again and I quite enjoy our time together. He is a good man and has a fine sense of humor. I so look forward to his visit. When he came to Wrath I was new to Winterfell and Caledon. Now I will be able to give him the grand tour and introduce him to some of my friends.

One last thought about writing… There is so much involved in writing one simple article. Finding the inspiration, putting it on paper, organizing it, rewriting it, tweaking it, tweaking it some more and some more and… I said to my editor just the other day – and she agreed with this by the way – “Maybe the great writers do ‘finish’ a piece, maybe not. I know I never do. I just ‘surrender’ at some point.” Like here.