Caledon's secret air base on Mainland

Caledon has secretly built an air base on the Mainland.

By Danko Whitfield, War Correspondent

(DATELINE CENSORED) — While Guv. Desmond Shang of Caledon gives the outward appearance  of calm as if things are
quiet on the war front, this reporter has discovered a clandestine project that will play a key role in the coming hostilities.

I am standing on the landing strip of a secret airbase on the coast of the Mainland continent known as (CENSORED). The base appears to be complete and operational. There were no airships on the base when I visited and I cannot say whether it has been used thus far, whether for scouting flights or training. It could be that the base will sit here quietly until military action is required.

This “lull before the mighty storm,” as one of my sources put it, may in fact be a strategic ploy on the part of the Guv’nah to
cause the enemy to slip into a period of complacency just before Caledon strikes with the element of surprise as an added weapon in its arsenal.

Your correspondent will continue to monitor the situation.