What have I gotten myself into now?

My brother Levon is in for a visit. He could always talk me into just about anything. I don’t mean to compare him to the carnival barker nor is he the wheeler-dealer type. He is just the nicest man and so damn sincere and so smart when it comes to people and how to “connect” with them that you can not doubt him, you can not argue with him, you can not ignore him, you have no choice but to agree with everything he says. The man has good ideas, that’s all there is to it!

So I told him about my idea for the store. I told him knowing full well he would say something that would change my plan completely. He did. Of course.

It was going to be Whitfield’s Mens Shoppe. Now it will be Whitfield Bros. General Stores. Well, it makes sense. If you heard Levon tell it you would be saying the same thing, believe me.

So we will not just be the place I envisioned – one stop shopping for men. No, we will have ladies items and we will have…everything. “Diversification” he called it. (Yes, he is a time traveller too. In fact, while he was here, we formed the Time Travellers Guild – a group for our brother and sister time jumpers.)

So, my “little” shop where I would make a few sales and mostly just putter and tinker when I needed a “time out” frrom the rest of my life…will now be a bit more. But the best news is that I won’t have to run it! Once I have it set up and going, Levon will manage the day to day. He will be “Vice President of Customer Satisfaction.” He came up with that title. (In my travels it was called the Complaint Dept.) Yes, he will handle all customer inquiries. Well now, how bad can this be? “‘np’ Levon! Go get ’em bro!” (He is not the only time traveller in the family.)

I’ll just sit here, smoke my cigar and count the money.