Mr. Ceejay Tigerpaw has created a beautiful ballroom in the sky above Winterfell Storisende. He has also added a StarGate for intersim travel on the ground level of the territory at the main rock formation. See if you can find it.

I have sold one of my three parcels in Cape Wrath and now have a new neighbor. Mrs. Nitely is a newcomer to the Steamlands but seems to have an appreciation for this spot on Wrath’s west coast. I so wanted to find a buyer who would understand the special nature of the parcel – as it is not for everyone – and it appears luck was with me. She invited me for lemonade once her home was ready. With her husband presently away at sea, the oceanside spot must bring a calming and reassuring element to her days.

The recent hurricane in New Toulouse brought the opportunity to meet another new neighbor, this one in Jardin. In the hours before the hurricane made landfall, I was preparing my home and I saw she was in and knocked on her door just to check that she was set for the storm. We had a pleasant visit. Her name is Nana. Quite a nice lady. I had heard others speak highly of her so I was not surprised.

I have a new house guest in Laudanum, a cat. He appeared on my doorstep recently and announced himself rather loudly. I don’t know much about animals but he is too old to be considered a kitten yet young still. I asked around the neighborhood but no one was missing a cat. So I have adopted him and named him Ulysses, after the President of the United States. Is there a higher honor for…a president?