Writing these lines from my backyard in Laudanum as I look upon Adm. Beaumont’s ships on the waters of Eventide. I am sipping a pint of Guinness that I brought from The Emerald Inn, my pub just down the street from my home. (I suppose there may be some law about carrying a glass of beer on the streets of Winterfell but who exactly is going to write that ticket? We have no policemen here. And even if we did, hell – I am the Ambassador! I know people! I know the Seneschelf personally. As would be said in another time, I have the number of her private line!) I am sipping my stout and eating a bar of chocolate. Nothing will ruin this day! Not some arcane law. Not even the thought of a non-existent policeman. Especially not after the journey I have just returned from.

Do you remember Victoriana? I do. I used to visit there even before I came to settle in The Steamlands. My friend, Mr. Steampunk, had introduced me to this beautiful nation, its attractions, its trains, its tinies’ territory. I was quite fond of Victoriana (in spite of the lag) and once took my sister Annie – when she was new to this world – on a tour there.

During the time I was consolidating my Mainland operations and considering closing my last town, Mayor Lindsay suddenly announced that Victoriana would close. I still have the letter he sent to his residents and visitors. It was so sad. I was sad already about closing my City of Teasdale and stopping the building of East Onatopp and my consideration of closing my last town, Pine Tree Square. And then I read his letter. What the authorities had done to him was unforgiveable, I understood his decision, I sympathized. If there was any doubt left in my mind that I should leave the business of operating a town and retreat to The Steamlands, his letter erased it. Two days later I sent a letter to my tenants and the friends of my last town. But I would not leave this world.

I had heard quite some time back now that the Mayor had resettled and rebuilt in another world and I had given some thought to visiting there but had mixed emotions. But after visiting other worlds over the past year, I finally decided to explore the world where Victoriana now existed. I returned home to Winterfell very early this morning.

If you recall Victoriana in this world, you will certainly recognize it in its new home world (inworldz). Much of it looks the same and certainly it feels the same (even the familiar lag and long wait to ‘rez’ is there, unfortunately). It is beautifully recreated, improved, extended. A nostalgic trip it was. But alas, it is empty. Emptier than before. Yet I know I will return.

I could describe it for you in detail but I would be telling you what you already know. I will not make a pitch for you to visit Victoriana in its new home. But if you are an explorer….well, I need not say more.

If you do visit inworldz I invite you to join the local branch of the Steampunk Explorer group. I have not been able to convince my business partner, Boston Steampunk, to make the trip but my colleague from OSgrid, Professor Wagstaff, has done so and we have established the group in inworldz. I plan to revisit Victoriana and look for other Victorian Steampunk venues in that same world as well. But I do not plan to migrate to inworldz nor OSgrid nor Blue Mars nor any of the others. Builders may enjoy them for the uninterrupted peace they can have as they see their dream builds come true. But the shops, the pubs, the public places are empty and in the residential areas, there is no one home. Maybe one of these worlds is the future but if so, that day is a long way off.

In the meantime, you will find me in this world…in my backyard in Laudanum, sipping Guinness, eating chocolate and gazing at the Admiralty’s ships on the water as the fog rolls through.