As mentioned in an article here last month, we have started a group for bloggers of the Steamloands. The formal announcement went out yesterday. Here it is…

Bloggers of the Steamlands unite!

I am pleased to announce the formation of an inworld group in Second Life called, the Society of Steamland Bloggers.

The SSB is intended to serve the bloggers of the Steamland nations and tap their expertise as well. The idea is to bring bloggers together via an inworld group and through the use of a…blog! You will be invited to share your knowledge and ideas and ask your questions about blogging or about the Steamlands as well as announce new blogs and new posts. The group is intended for those who blog about the Steamlands or who blog about some other topic but live, work or play in the Steamlands.

My co-conspirator in this effort is Miss Abigail Raymaker. She has established a blog for the Society itself. You may find it here…

We have just recently formed the group inworld and are now accepting members. We will soon send out group notices (and post these on the Society’s blog of course!) to get the ball rolling.

For more information about the group, see the above blog or contact Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Danko Whitfield or Editor, Miss Abigail Raymaker.

Respectfully submitted,

Danko Whitfield