I have had a busy social calendar of late which included the Oktoberfest Ball at Neufriestadt in the CDS and the Engineers Ball in Babbage (what a wonderful venue the new Piermont Landing is).

Ambassador Greymyst of New Toulouse had a house warming party at his new residence in Jardin. Mr. Greymyst has done a remarkable job in restoring a stately home there. I got the tour and then enjoyed interesting conversation with other guests at the afternoon gathering.

But I suppose the highlight of recent days was the Boobie Ball which I attended one afternoon last week in Winterfell. It was the wrap-up fundraising event for BoobieThon, the Seneschelf’s favorite cause and an important one at that, fighting breast cancer. The dance was proceeding quite merrily when at one point some of the ladies offered the shirts off their backs for the cause. As certain milestones were met at the donation box, these dedicated ladies exposed their breasts to the cheers of the crowd. It was an eye-opener, I must say! But from what I’ve heard, the real show was in the evening! Rumors abound as to the state of dress – or lack thereof! – in which the participants were left as the evening neared its end.

Sorry, I have no photographs from the Boobie Ball. You will have to settle for one from Mr. Greymyst’s event…