I have been exploring The Mainland these past few days. Such a vast wasteland. And not in the way many Steamlanders used to mean it. No, I mean it as in, “There is nobody there. They have picked up their things, abandoned their land and left.”

Governor Linden is selling land at 1L per sqm and there is land available at that price everywhere. It is the final end of the land market. If times are such that land is not gobbled up at that price, what does the future hold for this world?

Is there a future here? I am asked this wherever I go now. I have toured other worlds recently and found that there is no exodus from this place to another. They are just leaving, period. “Is it that the time of the virtual world has passed?” asks one friend.

Two other friends in two different conversations refer to the lack of writing about our lives here in the Steamlands as compared to times past. I am involved in an effort to revive that. But the conversations leave one wondering if it is another sign of a dying world.

Is this world dying? The active population levels are back to where they were when I arrived four-plus years ago. I’m not leaving. Just wondering what the future brings. If there is one.