It was just a little daydream. If I won the sweepstakes, what would I do?

I used to think I would put together an expeditionary team and go out and find some new land somewhere and put up the flag. My own flag. Dankoland!

But I was a landlord on the Mainland. Sure there are some differences but I talked myself into taking a “been there, done that” attitude. Too many headaches to ‘run’ a country these days. If I won the sweepstakes, first and foremost, I’d want to take it easy. Stay cool, low-key, no headaches, chill out.

Oh, splurge a little. Buy two or three more places for homes. How many homes do you need actually? An extra parcel or two for the community, for a museum, a skating rink. A private office again maybe? Bring back my old guest house for friends? You have two pubs, why not a third? But after that, how much more can you handle? How much time would you have to hang out in these placers? Even if you won the sweepstakes?

I must be getting older. Wiser? It used to be I had big plans for if I won the sweepstakes. I would start my own civilization! But now a simple pleasure is more appealing, a little plan. It is not less, it is more.

Yes, I had to agree with myself, if I win the sweepstakes, I should do the little things that make me happy. The things that right now are just out of reach. That’s enough to fill a life right there.

Excuse me, I must get to the tobacco shop before it closes. I shall purchase a sweepstakes ticket. Maybe two.