Back in July I detailed in an article here the reorganization of my land holdings. The purpose of the changes I made at that time was to “downsize my land portfolio…to insure I am getting the biggest bang for my buck and to be in a position to purchase land in the future should the need arise for some new project or should fancy strike.” Since that time a new project came up and a new parcel was purchased. And then fancy struck.

The new project – a general store – never got off the ground. It was struck down by that strike of fancy – a castle! Yes, I now live in a castle!

One morning in late October I purchased half of the Haven sim, a new homestead region in Winterfell. It features open waters and a land mass I have since christened Cape Whitfield. There was a castle on the site and when I inquired I found that I could use the castle or it could be removed. The open waters were the main draw for me as I did not then have a place to anchor my ship, the idea of living in a castle was the icing on the cake.

The purchase of the Haven property was countered by the sale of others. At the time I owned five homes in this world and I surely did not need a sixth. The sheer size of the castle made most of the others redundant. It was surprisingly easy to decide which ones to sell.

The castle would now be my main home so the house in Laudanum was no longer necessary. It was odd to pack up my belongings there as it was my first home in the Steamlands. My place in Jardin parish was now expendable as well. The biggest surprise was when I concluded I should sell my Cape Wrath land – a spot I thought I would never give up, it was so perfect. But the attributes that made it so were duplicated and surpassed by the Haven property. And I knew the new purchase would change not just my residential needs but also would affect my list of projects. That closed the door on the idea of owning a general store so I put the parcel in SouthEnd up for sale. This is the only property still available. Interested?

I decided to keep my cottage retreat in the woods of Ebonshire and my 21st century beach retreat in the Fruit Islands chain. When all is said and done, even though it appears I have stepped up my holdings, my monthly expenses actually decreased with this latest re-organization. Had I not gone through that first re-organization back in July, I would not be living in a castle today.

So I now own half of Haven and am therefore halfway to being a Duke. I joked with Miss Serra that I would claim the title of Half-Duke of Haven. I told my friends they could call me Halfen-Haven. (Amb. Greymyst retorted that he had used halfen-haven in his coffee that very morning.)

In the ensuing weeks I have been furnishing the castle, tending to the grounds and sailing my ship…enjoying all of the pleasures of my new home. This all happened suddenly – as it seems things often do in this world – and just in time too. In hindsight I realize I was ready for a change. It seems I like to change it up every year or two since coming to this world. And big changes are much easier in this world than in the other. I suppose in another year or two I will be ready for another change.

What might that future change be? Well, I will admit to you that on the very first day in Haven as I roamed about the grounds and explored the castle, visions of “full dukedom” danced in my head.