It was not long after I discovered new land in Winterfell that I sought to spread the word.

I sent a telegram to my old friend, the Marquise de Munford:

Greetings Lady Eleanor, I write to you from a new land, not quite on the maps, a land that did not exist just a few hours ago – Evergreen. I have claimed this land for Winterfell. I will write further details as I can. Regards, Danko, First Duke of Evergreen

Within hours, a reply was received:

Greetings Your Grace. My congratulations on your fortuitous discovery. May it increase the wealth and power of the great land of Winterfell. Regards Marquise de Munford

After reading the reply, I smiled, nodded at the messenger, folded up the telegram and placed it in my pocket. I tapped my hand on the outside of the pocket, and said, “First correspondence received in this land – by anyone. I shall keep this as a memento. It is an historical document.”

Other well-wishes were received from near and far. There were visitors as well, Lady Rachel came down from Mourning Wood, arriving by air on a winged, white horse a la Pegasus. (Her departure was so dramatic against the blue sky…I wish there was video.) Mr. Greymyst, my new neighbor by way of his purchase of my Haven properties, stopped in to view the construction project and offer advice and shopping tips. But Robyn was the first visitor. She always is, it’s a tradition. She came in from the future for a quick look-see. We didn’t say much, mostly we just smiled and said, yeah, this is cool. And laughed a lot. Several other friends stopped by. I told them all that once we are ready to open, there will be parties!

I have moved my Ebonshire cottage to an island in Evergreen. This retreat is where I will write from or spend time alone. My new castle, on an island of its own, will be my main and official residence. (I shall still maintain my Ambassador’s Office in Absinthe.)

We are constructing a village on the continent in the northwest corner of the territory which connects with Haven to the west and Mourning Wood to the north. The Emerald Inn will be moved from Laudanum to this village in the near future. The village will also host a gallery featuring my photographs of Winterfell, a couple of shops, my private office which will also host a visitors’ information center, and a museum.

Down the hill from the village to the north there will be a cottage for visiting writers to rent for a small fee while working on their manuscripts. I hope to have an additional cottage for writers in the future. Down the hill in the other direction, on the water, is the harbor master’s office.

It seems like another beginning for me in this world. Much has happened lately to make me feel that way. Mostly good, not all. I wish I could fix the not good. But all I can do is go on. This is Evergreen, my new hometown. I will have my own homes and I will have a little town, a village, to run. And I won’t have to go far to get from my castle or cottage to my pub or office. It reminds me very much of an earlier day in this world, on the Mainland, when I first started Pine Tree Square. And you were wondering where the name “Evergreen” came from.