February 4

Dear Danko,

Was in the neighborhood so stopped into your new town. Sorry to have missed you but I had business in Caledon and was only in for the day.

Handsome little village you have there. Wandered through the buildings as most of the doors were unlocked. So you’re going through with that general store after all, eh? Brother Levon is all excited about it. He said to pass along that he will arrive in Winterfell in a fortnight. Found the shop, saw there were some mens clothing items for sale. Needed something appropriate for the trip to Caledon so I gave you a little business. Am I your first customer? Do I win something? Just kidding.

Walked down to the boathouse to see if there was a way to get across to your castle or the cottage but there was no one around. Went back up the hill and found a bench to sit on and enjoyed the view of the castle for awhile. Castle is very impressive, must be something to live there. Looking forward to the castle-warming party! Do Dukes do that sort of thing?

Stopped in your gallery and looked at the photographs of Winterfell. Very nice. I’ll have to come back when your exhibit opens. Used your office to change into the new clothes I purchased. Very attractive building. Saw another building under construction, what’s that going to be?

Caught the ferry to Cape Wrath and walked by the old family retreat. Wish you had talked with me before you sold it. Eh, probably dreaming there anyway, forget I mentioned it. After finishing my business in Caledon on behalf of the college, took the train down to SouthEnd and am sitting here in your pub, writing this letter and enjoying a pint. Funny, you have a town called Evergreen but your Evergreen Pub is in SouthEnd and the Emerald Inn will be in Evergreen. Shouldn’t you be moving this pub up there? Am I missing something here? Sure you have a good reason.

Well, must close now and catch the train for the trip home. Let me know if you have a grand opening or other festivities, would love to be there for you. Never thought I’d be related to a Duke! Don’t let it go to your head now m’Lord. Ha!

Annie asks if you have read the letters yet? You should write to her when you do. I know you know that but I promised her I’d nudge you. Don’t work too hard, Brother, get your rest. Don’t let this new town take all your time. Get out there and have some fun too. I’m sure there’s a lady friend or two who would be pleased to accompany you. You know what Uncle Manuel always says, take it easy…but take it.

Write soon.