Winterfell Takes Caledon, 3-1

by Danko Whitfield

Winterfell Mourning Crier

After a devastating loss to the New Babbage Steamers last week, the Winterfell Elves rebounded to take the Caledon Victorians 3 to 1 in a match in SouthEnd on Friday night last. The go-ahead goal was scored by the Elves’ captain, Wildstar Beaumont.

“We played ’em hard, we never let up on ’em,”  declared Coach Serra of Winterfell. Referring to last year’s rout by Caledon in a match in Anodyne, after which some observers questioned the toughness of the Winterfell team, Coach Serra declared, “Tough? We showed ’em who’s tough. What do they think we are? A bunch of fairies?”

The spring football (soccer) “short season” wraps up this week when the Elves play the Salmons at Steelhead.