Communication from one time period to another has not made the great advances in recent years that some had forecast. We have not come far from the days when a time traveller who wanted to send a message back home or to a friend or business associate in another age, would have to travel to the age in question and use the communication network available in that time.

While the process has changed little there is an alternative to one making the trek one’s self. This is all leading up to a favor I promised…

My cousin, Robbie, asked that I put in a plug for his new business venture, Time Messengers. I copied the text from his recent newspaper advertisement and reprint it here. You are under no obligation.



Time Messengers

With hundreds of offices conveniently located throughout the ages., Time Messengers is your one-stop, full service courier. We deliver for you – even if your message must arrive BEFORE it was written. When it absolutely, positively must get to the future or the past, choose Time Messengers!

Robertson Whitfield, prop.


I must admit, this is a very handy service. I wish I had thought of it.


Editor’s note:  You can join the group, Time Messengers, inworld in Second Life. It is total RP, no actual services are provided.