The Evergreen Pub

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I have moved one of my pubs from the Steamlands to the Mainland. The Evergreen Pub, which had been located in Caledon SouthEnd for the past two-plus years, can now be found in Maia, right alongside the tracks of the SLRR. The About Land description calls it “the Duke of Evergreen’s pub away from home.”

The Evergreen has a long history, at least by this world’s standards. It was established five years ago in a village I founded in the mainland region of Quirolla. The village was called Pine Tree Square and consisted of a couple of shops, a few cottages, my office, my workshop and the pub.

A few months later The Evergreen moved along with Pine Tree Square to a larger area in the Brooks region. After opening in one building the pub moved to a new building by Teatone Catteneo that was created especially for The Evergreen Pub. It operated in Brooks for about a year and a half. During this time a second Evergreen Pub location was added in the City of Teasdale in the Suri mainland region.

Pine Tree Square in Brooks was bustling, so I moved it to a larger spot, a full region in Deitide at the intersection of two Linden roads, The Evergreen Pub moving along with it again.

It was at this point the downward turn in the RL economy came full-force to SL. Teasdale was closed and The Evergreen’s location there went dark. A few months later, Pine Tree Square followed. The Evergreen Pub was the last building to close. My friend Robyn, who lived in Pine Tree Square in both Brooks and Deitide, joined me for last call.

But it was a case of one door closing and another opening. At the same time I was closing the last of my Mainland towns and stepping down as Mayor, I was embarking on a new and completely unexpected journey. It began in Winterfell, my new home, and continued in Caledon, where The Evergreen Pub was relocated to SouthEnd. There it stood for over two years until last month when it returned to the Mainland.

The original custom build of The Evergreen was updated by Ms. Catteneo last year and presented to me as a gift. The new version was wonderful but I still loved the old one too. What to do? Oh, what I wouldn’t have done for two locations at that point! I settled for a hybrid version with some of my favorite elements from both. A new and expanded version of the hybrid sits in Maia today.

Stop by soon.


Winterfell Evergreen

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Found this old tour guide about my little village and island settlement…

Let’s Go: Winterfell

Chapter 22: Winterfell Evergreen

Winterfell Evergreen is located in the southeastern most corner of Winterfell. The region consists of three land masses (including two islands) and open waters. Both islands host private homes but the Village of Evergreen and the waterways are open to visitors.

The Village of Evergreen

Located in the northwest corner of the territory on a continent that connects Evergreen by land with the neighboring regions of Haven and Mourning Wood. The Village consists of…

Twilight Park

A simple park in the center of the village. A place to rest, read, contemplate and otherwise pass the time in less than a hurry.

Emerald Inn

The village pub, with bars on both levels. formerly located in Winterfell Laudanum. The “official” landing point is next door to the Inn with visitor information available.

Whitfield Gallery

Exhibit of Danko Whitfield’s photographs of Winterfell. The photographs are for sale.

Evergreen Museum

Mr. Whitfield is a time traveller, though semi-retired. So it is appropriate that the current exhibition focuses on Time. It features a collection of clocks, sundials and a time machine.


Primarily for use by Mr. Whitfield’s friends, by arrangement. However, when not in use, this house is available to rent. Contact Mr. Whitfield by notecard for details.

Whitfield Bros. General Store

Danko & Levon Whitfield, prop.

Cosmic Steam Designs

An affiliate shop featuring Victorian Steampunk clothing by Ms. Eleanor Banx, the Marquise de Munford.

Office of Danko Whitfield

Personal office of the Winterfell Ambassador and Duke of Evergreen. Visitor Information about Winterfell and Evergreen on the ground floor along with information about the Ambassador himself. Amb. Whitfield’s private office is on the top floor.

Harbor Master’s office

Located down the hill from the village. Shipping information available here. In all disputes regarding the Law of the Waters within Winterfell Evergreen, the Harbor Master shall have the final authority, though appeals may be made to the Duke or taken as high up as the Seneschelf, herself.

North Woods

Woods just north of the village which includes one residence, Writer’s Cottage, rented to writers to use as a place to work, think, chill. The woods may be reached by foot from the village beginning at either of two points – most directly on the north path headed toward Mourning Wood or along the coastal path.

Evergreen Harbor

SS Ambassador – Mr. Whitfield’s ship is usually anchored here.

Castle Island

Located in the northeast of the sim, home to Evergreen Castle – official residence of the Duke of Evergreen. The castle is a private home and not open to the public. An Open House with guided tours is planned however.

Danko’s Island

Also known as Cottage Island. Located in the southeast, this island is considered private and closed to the public. Mr. Whitfield’s private retreat, Whitfield Cottage is located here. Please do not disturb the Ambassador when he is in residence here. Thank you.