I have an alt whose bio claims he is The Official Griefer of Winterfell Evergreen and His Grace, The Duke of Evergreen. His name is Wanko Dickfield. I wrote about him in a previous article.

When I went to create him I found that Linden Lab does not fancy the word, ‘wank.’

I couldn’t use wankodickfield as my login. Wanko is the Court Jester of Evergreen so I gave him the login name, jesterevergreen. This led to the following conversation with a friend. She will not be named here in order that she remain a friend.

[22:14] jesterevergreen: LL doesn’t let you have the name Wanko

[22:14] jesterevergreen: or anything with ‘wank’ in it

[22:14] jesterevergreen: lol

[22:15] MyFriend: your name has wanko in it

[22:15] jesterevergreen: i mean, the log-in name, sorry

[22:15] jesterevergreen: which is crazy

[22:16] jesterevergreen: wanking is half of Second Life

[22:16] jesterevergreen: at least

[22:16] jesterevergreen: or so i’ve read

[22:18] MyFriend: lol

[22:18] MyFriend: i have heard that too


I write about the Whitfield family here. You have met some of my relatives previously on these pages. If you have paid very close attention – and why would you, really? – you might notice a connection. The Whitfields are named: Danko, Hudson, Manuel, Robertson aka Robbie and Levon. Ring any bells? There is another I have not written about yet – Dylan. And then there is the one female Whitfield who has appeared here. It is a different type of connection. Here name is: Annie, short for Annalee. There is one other connection of that type, Chester. The family calls him Crazy Chester. A further clue to what is going on here is found in the profiles of each of those named. Several of them are time-travellers but that is not it. They all have something else in common.

I know there is at least one regular reader here who ‘gets’ this. I have explained it to a few other people inworld over the past year, though no one was overly impressed. However if you send me a Comment here or a Notecard inworld indentifying what I’m talking about in the previous paragraph, I will be quite impressed with you.