My first night back in Ebonshire. I have taken a cottage at the writers and artists colony, right next door to the spot where my old house was. My getaway. I spent so much time there. Of all of the places I’ve lived in my five years in this world, it is still my favorite.

I suppose it should feel odd to be back in these parts, in a small place, under these circumstances but it does not. I feel at home. There is something about the north of Winterfell. I discovered it the first time I travelled to Ravens’ Reach. There are many wonderful places throughout this realm and there is much magic but it is most evident here in the north.

Much has happened in the last few days. It was, I see now, the culmination of the events of the last several months. It has been quite a year in this world and in the other. When it began, I had no idea of the changes it would bring. If you had told me then that I’d be sitting where I am today, I would not have believed you.

Most of it is good, I suppose. The big parts. It’s great, in fact. But because I had no idea it would happen, I had not thought about the impact it would have on other things. The little things. Important things, ‘little’ does a disservice to them. Very important. The big stuff is life-changing in the big picture. The little things are the “accoutrements” of life. You could live without them, yes, but why? Because they can be eliminated or replaced they are considered by some as unimportant. I feel sorry for those people. It is the so-called little things that make life what it is. Look, if all the big things in your life, all the important stuff, is good – as important and wonderful as that is – your life is still not full. It is the little things that make it so. And if you have not been dealt a good hand in life, the little things – the good ones – can lift you up, bring you joy, make your life worth living.

So, we have established that the little things are important too. Those are things I need to reassess now. My time, my activities in this world for example. So there have been some big changes. The Duke has left the estate, the Ambassador has stepped down. I am simply Mr. Whitfield, living in the north of a magical land that I love so well. A better place has not been discovered, to figure it all out.