Getting the word to friends about big changes in one’s life is just as important as it is difficult. I have been at my new cottage in Ebonshire, writing short letters. One was to Dot Macchi. I asked her to pass the news along to Quin Oddenfen as well for I’m rarely sure how to reach him.

It must be a year since I last saw Quin, though in this world it seems much longer than that. For Quin, it must seem like ages.

That was a joke.

The letter to Ms. Macchi must travel through time. I had to use the service my cousin Robbie started last spring, Time Messengers. It wasn’t cheap either, not even with the family discount. But it sure works! I haven’t heard back from Ms. Macchi yet but I received a letter from Quin just two days after my letter went out. (If you use the “Get It There Yesterday Service” from Time Messengers, you can receive an answer to your letter BEFORE you send it. However, that service is quite expensive.)

Quin got right to the point, as he usually does, asking if my new circumstances allowed me the time to visit him in another world. He wanted me to come to Selenitica to see the progress on his work. And not just for a few days. He wanted me to “stay on for a while.”

If I could, he said he had a job that might be right for me at this time of change in my life.

A job? I’m semi-retired. It says so on my business card!

And I don’t make these kind of long trips anymore, they can be tiring and one cannot be sure of the long-term effects of numerous time jumps over a career of time-travelling.

However, the position Quin speaks of is with the Devokan Trust and I have always been interested in their work but never had enough time to look into it fully. Maybe there is an opportunity here? It will be a change of scenery, for sure. Well, I suppose I can manage travelling through time to see old friends like Quin and Dot. It has been too long. Their worlds are fascinating. And I do have the time now. Hmmm.