I travelled through the night, through the ages, to Selenitica. Upon arrival, it was morning and a foggy one at that. But the fog was not thick as I stood on a high island, looking across the water at two more tall islands and a shorter one. That one had Quin’s home and laboratory, all in one building. It looked like something from New Babbage, Mieville or Caledon. I had been here once before but it was long ago.

I followed a series of bridges over to Quin’s house. It sat on a pedestal of sorts, high above its island. Immediately inside the door was Quin’s desk and work table. On one end was a service tray. In the middle of the tray was a bottle of wine, sitting in between a can of coffee and a box of tea. The tray also held a wine glass and a cup and saucer. There was a note tied to the wine bottle…

“Welcome, Mr. Whitfield. Here are some refreshments to help you recover from the long journey…” It was from Quin. He would not be here for a few days. He detailed where he kept the food and supplies and said to make myself at home. I should have figured he would not be here when I arrived. That works for me though, I’ll just have a look around…

I walked back across the bridges I’d used earlier, past my arrival point and out the other way on a different bridge, to the castle on the tallest of the islands. (The bridges, I should mention, are in quite a state of disrepair. I’ll bet Quin hasn’t even thought about tending to them. It would not be the kind of thing that would enter his brilliant and busy mind.) I made my way through the castle, coming to a nice room on the second floor with a breathtaking view of the surrounding lands, even with the fog. The room had several good chairs and a fine carpet but no other amenities and the chairs were in disarray. “This room is not being used,” I thought. Hmmm. I don’t wish to get in Quin’s way at his home and I need some space right now too. I think I will arrange with Quin to take this room. I’ll feel at home in a castle. They haven’t knocked all the Duke out of me yet!

The morning wasn’t all that was foggy here. The travel had tired me, I needed to sleep. I would go back to Quin’s house later to get my bags. I pulled up a chair and sat and took in the view, watching the fog roll through until I faded into dreams.