I slept for the better part of the day.

After making a meal in Quin’s quarters, I returned, with my things, to the room I have taken in the castle on the tallest of the islands in Selenitica. As the sun set, I took a mental inventory of the lands that lay before me from my perch at this large window.

To the west and south, all was ocean. Due east was open water as well but there was some vegetation in the distance. That would be one place to explore in the morning. To the northeast there was still some fog but I believe I could see trees though much of the area was open water as well. The largest land mass was due north. That area was called Kamar, I had seen it on a map in Quin’s laboratory…monitoring post? I’m not quite sure what to call that building…just as I’m not exactly sure what Quin does, though I understand what he does better than how he does it. I will have to note how he refers to this place so I will know how to refer to it. That is the best way with Quin as he does not have time for questions, other than the Great Questions. It is best, whether trying to figure the daily goings-on or trying to understand the important work he is doing, to observe Quin and listen to him, rather than to ask him. That’s how I have dealt with him in the past although I may have to ask a question or two if he is going to offer me a position. Though he didn’t exactly put it that way, he said he has a job for me if I’m interested. A job and a position are not necessarily the same thing. Sometimes they are, sometimes not. Since we are dealing with Quin, I’ll bet this is one of those times they are not.

As the mind tried to analyze the situation on the small amount of information I had, the eye was drawn to Kamar. There were trees of a different sort there and flowers and other plant life. It looked beautiful from afar. “That’s where I will start tomorrow’s explorations,” I thought. And then I noticed a structure in the trees, all by itself on the other side of a bay. Hard to tell from a distance but there are hints of the style of the Orient.

“I wonder if that building is being used?” Hmmm.