Editor’s note: Mr. Whitfield wrote the following article in Selenitica in Evergreen on Kitely.

Am I the first to explore here in this world? On this ‘grid’ is what I really mean. I think. Guess I’ll have to start using that word. Region/sim/land/world are somewhat interchangeable here. And with the Devokan regions/sims/lands/worlds, throw in ‘ages’ as well. In my other worlds – my two main worlds, that is – which I have referred to on these pages in the past, the word ‘world’ encompasses everything. In those worlds, RL for 1st life or Real Life or the real world and SL for Second Life – the words region/sim/land are somewhat interchangeable but not so much as here in this world…I mean, on this grid.   This grid being Kitely. And the word ‘world’ I have used in this publication before many times. Often I use “this world” to refer to SL and “the other world” to refer to RL. But ‘world’ in Kitely is different. Grid is better to refer to all of it. And maybe that is confusing too. Or maybe it’s just plain wrong. Is Kitely a grid or a gateway to part of a/the grid? I’m going to have to figure out all that usage stuff for writing purposes.

And I don’t mean: Am I the very first to explore in/on Kitely ever? (Is it “in” or “on” ? I dunno. Maybe it’s up to me. For some reason I say “in” for RL and SL but I want to say “on” for Kitely.) Obviously I am not the first. I just got here a few weeks ago, others have explored before me. What I am asking is: Am I the first to be here for that reason and (pretty much) that reason alone, to explore? This world, this grid, this place is a place for builders. At least that’s what it is right now, IMHO. And the financial cost of being here and the time constraints involved, the being “on the clock” aspect of it, does not lend itself to exploring as one’s primary purpose. Nor to just hanging out for that matter. But that may change.

I have written several pieces about my being on this grid already but this is the first one I am writing while I am here, “inworld” or “ongrid.” This is because of the aforementioned time constraints. But here I am, with 18 1/2 hours of my 30 hours per month remaining and only three more days to use them. If I was a builder I would certainly be here more often and would likely be complaining that 30 hours a month is not enough and upgrading my “plan” accordingly. But I am not a builder. So I can afford to explore. And that’s what I plan to do here. I’m going to watch the rest of you build this world, err…grid, and explore it and write about it. I suspect it will be a tough job but someone has to do it, right? I don’t want to appear self-important – and I never really know where my explorations or my writing will take me – but I am going to help create the community here, whatever that turns out to be. You will do so by building it, I will do so by writing about it. We need each other for there to be a community here. We need all sorts – builders, sellers, buyers, tourists, party people, people who just like to hang, explorers, writers, musicians, DJs, EMs and many others. Not that everyone is here for community. Some just want their own private space. Nothing wrong with that either.

I created an alt to try my hand at building once again but I know from a few attempts in SL, it ain’t my thing. I really suck at it. So I will spend my time here exploring. And I’m wondering if I’m the only one doing that here at this time in Kitely’s development. Can’t be, right? If there are others out there like me, let’s exchange information. I have formed two groups here which I invite you to join. One is Kitely Explorers. That one is for anybody who likes to explore. The other is for a particular genre, Steampunk Explorer. (No ‘s’ on the end of that one.) I run a group by that name in SL, 300 members. Join one, join ’em both if you like. (If you’ve got anything Steampunk-related, by all means send an IM or NC inworld.) I expect there won’t be many members in either, not now anyway, maybe in a few years. Be the first on your block to join up!

I’m not leaving SL, just setting up camp here. I’ll be in SL a lot and Kitely too. I have visited other worlds and not set up camp, just visited. I was about to go visit them again in October when I heard about Kitely for the first time. After just a month here, I am really turned on by Kitely and plan to spend a lot of time here. (But I’ll visit the others again too.)

But I’m here for real. So I need a base from which to operate on this grid. That is my other contribution, the world called Evergreen. It is made up of four of the Devokan regions/sims/lands/worlds/ages. Dot Macchi and her friends created the regions I am hosting on Evergreen. I just live there. And write. Come visit anytime (it’s Free). And, eventually, I will come and visit your regions/sims/lands/worlds too. I’m not doing a travelogue, at least it’s not what I’m setting out to do. I write what I feel when I feel it. I’ll still be writing about SL experiences and about any other world I visit. It’s an RP blog so, just because I show up at your place doesn’t mean I’m going to write about it. I’m not here to promote you or Kitely. Anyway, I’m sure both you and Kitely will get along fine with or without me. But whether it’s me or someone like me, having someone write about it in the manner that I do actually is important to the future of this place. Just as having others write about it in other ways is important too. But, as I say, I’m not doing it for that reason. I’m here to experience this grid and to write about it for my own sake. If that ends up promoting/helping you or Kitely, cool. I hope it does, I would like that. But it’s not why I’m here. Like you, I am here for my own reasons. So there’s nothing automatic about me writing about your region/world/etc.

Unless you give me something to write about.

I’ll see you around…in/on one world/grid or another.

Danko’s room at the Castle in Selenitica, Evergreen, where he wrote this article._