A note from the author:

If you have followed my story from its beginning, you have seen the word ‘Evergreen’ many times. It is the name of my pub, it was the name of my homestead in Winterfell, it is now the collective name for the ‘ages’ I care for. What is the significance of this word, its origin in my life?

It has much significance now, more than I can even tell you here, but its origin was a fluke.

When I first established a 20th century village on the (SL) Mainland, I needed a name for it. It was in the Quirrola region but nothing about the area suggested a good name. Before I laid out a road or placed a building, the very first decision I made was about what type of trees to plant on my land. I was trying to keep costs down and so I chose the tall Linden Evergreen tree because it was free and I know that tree from the woods in my native world. That immediately led to the naming of The Evergreen Pub which, in turn, led to the naming of the village – Pine Tree Square. (Incredibly, I now live in a place in RL with a related name. There must be some sort of magic at work here.)

And so, my new land (on Kitely grid) is called Evergreen. Are you ready for the nickel tour?

Good. I have placed a new set of photographs called, Evergreen – Devokan, on my Flickr page. There are about ten pictures there now and I will soon add a few more. And I am preparing to write an article for this blog, perhaps more than one, that will tell you more about these ages than was evident when I first arrived.

As always, thank you for the kindness of your readership.

Merry Christmas,

D Whitfield