Jan 6 Ebonshire 6p 31d fog

Looking out my window at Laird Aislinn on our docks. The ferry service is to resume shortly, he must be working on that.

I just got in, warmed my hands by the stove, sat at my writing table. Trying to ward off the urge to write. What a wonderful position to be in!

I’m too tired tonight and I know how late I will go if I start. I came here to read Ghaelen’s stories. We just met recently, though I have read her before. Dot introduced us and together the three of us hatched a plan for the storytellers and writers of Devokan to get together. Today was the first of our monthly gatherings. It was inspiring.

I really don’t need more inspiration right now! I could go on about why and all the story options that lay before me…but then I’d be doing what I’m trying not to do. I’m just going to lay them out here on this table and look at them. And pick them up and caress them. I will write them all! Another time.

But first, I will sit and read Ghaelen’s stories. And look out my window.

Lady Aislinn has joined Laird Aislinn on the dock. I love the ferry.

I love where I’m at right now.