Meet the new Ambassador. Same as the old Ambassador.

I am once again honored to be appointed by Lady Twilight to the post of Winterfell Ambassador. It was my favorite job in all my time in this world and I am lucky to be in a position to be able to return to it. And lucky that the Seneschelf would have me again.

I left the post last fall as a number of things were going on in my life in this world and in the other world that prevented me from being able to fully serve the Realm. It would have been a disservice to continue on at that time and I could not do that to my beloved Winterfell. I did not like walking away from the role but I had to walk away from many things at that moment. I relinquished my title as Duke of Evergreen as well. Some things can not be put back together nor would they fit with the new if they could.

But my life has changed quite a bit in these last four months and the changes keep on coming. It’s all good, as they say. Fortunately, the changes have now led me back to a role I cherish.

I have done a bit of diplomatic work in the past three weeks since my appointment but unfortunately an ailment has slowed me down. I look forward to resuming my full schedule shortly.