That’s what it says on my business card. At the bottom. Below the current stuff. I’m talking about the personal business card, not the official one. The official one just has the one title: Winterfell Ambassador. When you’re an ambassador, you don’t put other titles on your business card.

But the personal card kind of mentions it…

Writer, Explorer, Diplomat, Musician, Pub Owner

Semi-retired Time Traveller

I put Diplomat in there because it does raise eyebrows. As does Explorer. Writer, eh. A lot of people call themselves Writer. Diplomat and Explorer kind of offset the roll of eyes over Musician. And, Pub Owner, well who doesn’t like a Pub Owner?

That top line is fine, I’m not changing that one at all. It’s the bottom one I’ve been thinking about a lot. For a few months now. The Time Traveller part is fine, that’s still true. And yes, I use the British spelling. I just do. I think of it as the Victorian spelling.

It’s the Semi-retired that I’m losing sleep over. That may be an overstatement. But if you’ve been following along with the stops and starts of this journal, you may have wondered about it yourself. I seem to spend more time moving between centuries and worlds than I have in years.

Back when I made my living at time travel, I had a rather unusual schedule. At times it was rigorous, at others it slowed to a crawl. It was basically a free-lance business, working for a client until the job was done and billing accordingly, although some clients had me on retainer. The latter, by the way, was the only way I would do government jobs. Money upfront when you’re dealing with those rascals. Good luck, completing an assignment and trying to get paid otherwise. If they’re not paying you regularly, they’re not paying you at all. Damn bureaucracy.

It was the nature of the business though to have a ton of work for awhile and then have little to do for weeks at a time. Months even. That’s when I’d write a guest column for a newspaper or magazine and give a lecture or two. (Of course, I could usually pick up some cash on the side in another line of work, playing music.)  It was in those days, when I was in between missions, that I would joke with my friends about being semi-retired.

Later, when I did leave the trade to allow myself to find a time to settle down in, I thought it would bring a laugh if I put semi-retired on the business card. And I knew it would keep me in the loop if a particular timejump assignment came up that caught my interest. I remain a member of the Guild and I’ll go into the club from time to time, so I’ll hear about jobs. If I’m interested, I pull out the business card so an appointment can be arranged. If not, I just listen and act ambassadorial.

But over the past many months, as you’ve seen, I’m here, there and almost anywhere. There are so many more worlds to travel to these days. And with this hypergrid movement now, well by God even amateurs are doing it! So it can come in handy to have the resume and bona fides of a professional. There is tall money to be made for short work, if you have the experience. Plus, I am doing so much time travel for my own personal business reasons now that I’m just not as semi-retired as I used to be.

So, maybe I should strike that phrase from the title and the business card. Whenever I think about that, it causes me to wonder if I should change the name of this journal as well. As much as I am still a man of the 19th century, I just don’t get to spend as much time there as before. And so far, every time I think about changing the name of my journal, I stop thinking about all of it. It’s just too difficult to decide. If I did decide to do it, then I’d have to think of a new name. There’s just too much thinking involved all the way ’round. Maybe it’s better to do nothing.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.