Party in Winterfell, Friday June 28, 2p SLT

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At my Storytellers Pub in Winterfell Laudanum on Second Life we will celebrate and dance to the music on Friday, June 28 at 2p SLT to an eclectic mix of hits from DJ Patty Poppy. The event is called ’70s Night. Apparently it is not a 19th century event. Details here…


Calm Before The Storm? What Calm?

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In the sitting room of the Storytellers Pub, my bar in Winterfell Laudanum. Just around the corner from where it all started for me in The Steamlands community in Second Life.

So much going on for me right now and I’m loving it.

My little publishing empire has been reorganized – a necessity I had put off for some time as I was too busy writing –  and now I am back to the writing.

I’m putting the finishing touches on a project for the benefit of explorers of the Metaverse and should have an announcement shortly.

I’ve made some new friends via a couple of 21st century roundtables, known then as discussion groups or “social networks.”

I have a new lady friend I have much enjoyed spending time with. We were introduced by a mutual friend who thought we would “fit.” It was the first time she had ever played matchmaker. How did she know?

And there have been several recent offers from people whom I don’t know well to get involved deeply in their projects. This has been both unexpected and most flattering. It makes one wonder exactly what he has done to inspire them to ask. I almost asked one of them but then decided it might not be something I want to know. What if the answer came back, “Oh, we asked so-and-so but he was too busy, so we’re asking you.”

I have decided to accept one of these offers and am about to embark on a new journey which recalls a past life. Therefore, it is appealing on several levels. I am still learning about the project but it has the feel of a return to the second-half of the 20th century which is funny because I am already working on some personal projects in that same time period.

This new project will complement rather than hinder my ongoing activities in Winterfell, with Devokan and with my writing and exploring.

Things are falling together nicely.