Ireland. A random Tuesday night, in the early 21st century.

I had some business in Carlow for awhile. Met with a newspaperman there, an old friend I first met in The States.

Worked my way over to Wexford for a stay. Now headed back to Dublin for a few days before I depart for home, earlier times, Winterfell.

According to the map, I’m in the Wicklow Mountains. Augurey Peak is the name of this area.

I was here a couple of weeks ago. By accident. Got on the wrong train. Realized it and got off here, figuring to get the next train back the other way and make the proper connection. Came in to this pub on that occasion. Enchanted. The music on the radio, the locals chatting – jousting verbally if truth be told. Had a couple Guinness and a cheese and onion sandwich with tomato. And a spicy yellow mustard that looks innocent enough but will nearly set your nose hairs afire. Hot but good. One of those unexpected and simple pleasures of life, perfect in that moment. Had to run to catch the train but vowed to myself, I’d be back before I left for home.

Nobody here tonight though. Just me and the bartender. Mike. I remembered from the last time. He remembered me too, smiled when I sat down and ordered a pint. “Comin’ through again, I see,” he said. “Yes,” I smiled. To say I stand out from the locals would be an understatement. “It’s a nice place,” I added. To which he smiled. And served my pint.

Last time I was here, there was an off-duty police officer having a few pints and chatting up the ladies…or trying. I never quite figured out if he was a local cop or from Dublin and just visiting. But he seemed to know both the ladies in the pub at that time – though maybe not as well as he would have liked – the bartender who relieved Mike, Jamie I think it was and a customer who sat on the other side of the bar from me, an American, who I gathered lived here now. Their conversation was lively and funny – though I’m sure I got less than half of it. Still they were all polite to a stranger and included me when they could.

No other customers tonight though. I ordered another cheese and onion sandwich with tomato and some of that spicy yellow mustard they do here. Whew! That stuff is hot. Mike brought me a second Guinness to put out the fire and wash it all down.

Quiet on the streets tonight too. But there’s something “different” about this town. Not sure what it is.

Augurey Peak 201_001

Editor’s note: Augurey Peak is located on the Metropolis grid. There is a long-running and very lively RP community here, based on the magic of Harry Potter with an Irish twist. Interested parties should contact Jamie Wright.