I was enjoying a quiet evening in my office in Winterfell Laudanum, spamming my groups with a notice about Wednesday night’s dance at Storytellers Pub and chatting via the local messenger service with the Duke of Wolfsbane.

As I stood there in front of my second floor desk, puffing away on my cigar, I happened to look up and see before me a vampire who had not had the courtesy to knock.

He morphed from one being into another into another, accompanied by a very colorful light display.

I continued to enjoy my cigar as the following conversation ensued…

[17:53] vampire: hello sir

[17:53] Danko Whitfield: Hello

[17:53] Danko Whitfield: What can you do for me?

[17:53] vampire: is this ur home?

[17:53] Danko Whitfield: it is my office

[17:54] vampire: wat do u do here

[17:54] Danko Whitfield: i am the Ambassador for this nation, Winterfell

[17:55] vampire: i see and how long was u doing this

[17:55] Danko Whitfield: hmmm

[17:55] Danko Whitfield: over two years

[17:55] vampire: gooood

[17:56] Danko Whitfield: very impressive morphing, sir

[17:56] vampire: u will give me ur blood

[17:56] Fangs [Thirst::Bloodlines] 4.1: godofdeath1123 Resident would like to give you a Vampire bite. This will register you with The Thirst::Bloodlines system, and you’ll get a FREE pair of bite marks. Say Yes to accept!

[17:56] Danko Whitfield: i don’t see that happening

[17:56] vampire: i wasnt asking

[17:57] vampire: tell me how much do u care for ur well being

[17:57] vampire: /

[17:57] vampire: ?


I banned him from the parcel and it took effect right there.

Pretty good timing on my part, don’t you think?


Editor’s note: In accordance with Second Life guidelines, the vampire’s actual name was not used in this article. Nor were any animals harmed.