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I’ve been mulling this over for months and today I finally changed the name of this journal.

For the last three-and-one-half years, it has been called, “Steaming Along: Danko Whitfield In The 19th Century – The Wanderings Of A Steampunk Explorer.” I still love that title and will miss it. But my story has steamed along past the 19th century so many times that I have wondered if the title was confusing. I could always lay claim to being based in the 19th century, as a time traveller certainly must be based somewhere.  But some time back, the place I live in changed and I was moved to an earlier time.

I likely will be able to establish a second home back in the 19th century very soon and so I could have propped up the old title until further notice…but…

Important parts of my entries on these pages have been taking place in other times and it appears this will continue for the foreseeable future… and the foreseeable past, for that matter. So I feel the time has finally come and the title must be broadened to reflect this and to avoid a possible new source of confusion.

In the short term at least, it appears I will be based in the 18th, 19th and 21st centuries as well as spending quite a bit of time in the 20th century. And there is a trip to the 26th century in my future as well. Although that might actually be seen as my past. And then there are the trips to the Devokan Ages, I could only guesstimate what century I’m in with those travels.  At any rate, you can see the reason for my dilemma over the title.

And so this publication becomes, “The Further Adventures Of Danko Whitfield, Semi-Retired Time Traveller – Wandering The Centuries With A Steampunk Explorer.”


Winter Fell

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It was a cold and windy night in Ebonshire, the kind of night that makes one wish he had stocked up on wood for the stove. “There’s enough for tonight,” I thought as I placed another log on the fire, “but I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow.” I returned to my writing table to review my notes and sipped from my cup of hot cocoa. I had a long night of rewrites before me and it crossed my mind that something stronger than cocoa would be necessary before it was over.

I had travelled to the Mainland in the morning and bumped into an old friend from New Babbage. He told me they already had snow there and that he had trudged through drifts up to his knees the night before. He asked about Winterfell and I replied with a smile and a shiver, “Not yet.” “Won’t be long,” he said. Couldn’t argue with that. So, I stocked up a bit in the shops to be ready before heading for home.

“Won’t be long” is right. As much as I still like to think of late November as fall, I have been here long enough to know how the seasons work in these parts. Last winter I was in Haven, living in a castle for the first time and learning just how cold and drafty such a place can be. Still, that was in the southern most part of Winterfell. Oh yes, it was still a Winterfell winter, no question, but not like up here. I have lived in Ebonshire in winter before. Winter in the north of Winterfell is harsh. It comes in early and it hits hard. They don’t call it Winterfell for nothing. The weather, earlier this week, had been almost spring-like but that wasn’t going to fool me.

I arrived home in the early evening to find winter had fallen while this Winterfallen had been out of town. It wasn’t snowing now but the ground was covered in white. As I unpacked my goods, I turned on the radio and learned that a second snow was falling in Babbage at that moment. I made some supper and had the cocoa as my dessert. Now, as the rewrites awaited me, I looked out the window and saw the nearly full moon through some breaks in the clouds and watched as a few flurries swirled around in the wind. It gave me a bit of a chill to think, “This is only the beginning.” I guess it’s just about time for that “something stronger.”

Ebonshire Again

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My first night back in Ebonshire. I have taken a cottage at the writers and artists colony, right next door to the spot where my old house was. My getaway. I spent so much time there. Of all of the places I’ve lived in my five years in this world, it is still my favorite.

I suppose it should feel odd to be back in these parts, in a small place, under these circumstances but it does not. I feel at home. There is something about the north of Winterfell. I discovered it the first time I travelled to Ravens’ Reach. There are many wonderful places throughout this realm and there is much magic but it is most evident here in the north.

Much has happened in the last few days. It was, I see now, the culmination of the events of the last several months. It has been quite a year in this world and in the other. When it began, I had no idea of the changes it would bring. If you had told me then that I’d be sitting where I am today, I would not have believed you.

Most of it is good, I suppose. The big parts. It’s great, in fact. But because I had no idea it would happen, I had not thought about the impact it would have on other things. The little things. Important things, ‘little’ does a disservice to them. Very important. The big stuff is life-changing in the big picture. The little things are the “accoutrements” of life. You could live without them, yes, but why? Because they can be eliminated or replaced they are considered by some as unimportant. I feel sorry for those people. It is the so-called little things that make life what it is. Look, if all the big things in your life, all the important stuff, is good – as important and wonderful as that is – your life is still not full. It is the little things that make it so. And if you have not been dealt a good hand in life, the little things – the good ones – can lift you up, bring you joy, make your life worth living.

So, we have established that the little things are important too. Those are things I need to reassess now. My time, my activities in this world for example. So there have been some big changes. The Duke has left the estate, the Ambassador has stepped down. I am simply Mr. Whitfield, living in the north of a magical land that I love so well. A better place has not been discovered, to figure it all out.

Naming Alts

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I have an alt whose bio claims he is The Official Griefer of Winterfell Evergreen and His Grace, The Duke of Evergreen. His name is Wanko Dickfield. I wrote about him in a previous article.

When I went to create him I found that Linden Lab does not fancy the word, ‘wank.’

I couldn’t use wankodickfield as my login. Wanko is the Court Jester of Evergreen so I gave him the login name, jesterevergreen. This led to the following conversation with a friend. She will not be named here in order that she remain a friend.

[22:14] jesterevergreen: LL doesn’t let you have the name Wanko

[22:14] jesterevergreen: or anything with ‘wank’ in it

[22:14] jesterevergreen: lol

[22:15] MyFriend: your name has wanko in it

[22:15] jesterevergreen: i mean, the log-in name, sorry

[22:15] jesterevergreen: which is crazy

[22:16] jesterevergreen: wanking is half of Second Life

[22:16] jesterevergreen: at least

[22:16] jesterevergreen: or so i’ve read

[22:18] MyFriend: lol

[22:18] MyFriend: i have heard that too


I write about the Whitfield family here. You have met some of my relatives previously on these pages. If you have paid very close attention – and why would you, really? – you might notice a connection. The Whitfields are named: Danko, Hudson, Manuel, Robertson aka Robbie and Levon. Ring any bells? There is another I have not written about yet – Dylan. And then there is the one female Whitfield who has appeared here. It is a different type of connection. Here name is: Annie, short for Annalee. There is one other connection of that type, Chester. The family calls him Crazy Chester. A further clue to what is going on here is found in the profiles of each of those named. Several of them are time-travellers but that is not it. They all have something else in common.

I know there is at least one regular reader here who ‘gets’ this. I have explained it to a few other people inworld over the past year, though no one was overly impressed. However if you send me a Comment here or a Notecard inworld indentifying what I’m talking about in the previous paragraph, I will be quite impressed with you.

Winterfell Evergreen

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Found this old tour guide about my little village and island settlement…

Let’s Go: Winterfell

Chapter 22: Winterfell Evergreen

Winterfell Evergreen is located in the southeastern most corner of Winterfell. The region consists of three land masses (including two islands) and open waters. Both islands host private homes but the Village of Evergreen and the waterways are open to visitors.

The Village of Evergreen

Located in the northwest corner of the territory on a continent that connects Evergreen by land with the neighboring regions of Haven and Mourning Wood. The Village consists of…

Twilight Park

A simple park in the center of the village. A place to rest, read, contemplate and otherwise pass the time in less than a hurry.

Emerald Inn

The village pub, with bars on both levels. formerly located in Winterfell Laudanum. The “official” landing point is next door to the Inn with visitor information available.

Whitfield Gallery

Exhibit of Danko Whitfield’s photographs of Winterfell. The photographs are for sale.

Evergreen Museum

Mr. Whitfield is a time traveller, though semi-retired. So it is appropriate that the current exhibition focuses on Time. It features a collection of clocks, sundials and a time machine.


Primarily for use by Mr. Whitfield’s friends, by arrangement. However, when not in use, this house is available to rent. Contact Mr. Whitfield by notecard for details.

Whitfield Bros. General Store

Danko & Levon Whitfield, prop.

Cosmic Steam Designs

An affiliate shop featuring Victorian Steampunk clothing by Ms. Eleanor Banx, the Marquise de Munford.

Office of Danko Whitfield

Personal office of the Winterfell Ambassador and Duke of Evergreen. Visitor Information about Winterfell and Evergreen on the ground floor along with information about the Ambassador himself. Amb. Whitfield’s private office is on the top floor.

Harbor Master’s office

Located down the hill from the village. Shipping information available here. In all disputes regarding the Law of the Waters within Winterfell Evergreen, the Harbor Master shall have the final authority, though appeals may be made to the Duke or taken as high up as the Seneschelf, herself.

North Woods

Woods just north of the village which includes one residence, Writer’s Cottage, rented to writers to use as a place to work, think, chill. The woods may be reached by foot from the village beginning at either of two points – most directly on the north path headed toward Mourning Wood or along the coastal path.

Evergreen Harbor

SS Ambassador – Mr. Whitfield’s ship is usually anchored here.

Castle Island

Located in the northeast of the sim, home to Evergreen Castle – official residence of the Duke of Evergreen. The castle is a private home and not open to the public. An Open House with guided tours is planned however.

Danko’s Island

Also known as Cottage Island. Located in the southeast, this island is considered private and closed to the public. Mr. Whitfield’s private retreat, Whitfield Cottage is located here. Please do not disturb the Ambassador when he is in residence here. Thank you.

Odd One

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An odd but otherwise unremarkable man has been loitering in the park in the village of Evergreen. Calling him odd would bother him, I’m sure, but not for the usual reason (which is odd in itself, I would maintain). He would, it appears, prefer to be referred to as absurd. However, I do not think he rises to that level. He certainly aspires to it, that is plain to see, but he is not there yet by any measurement. If this one is absurd, well then they sure don’t make absurd like they used to is all I can say.

The odd one turns up in Winterfell Evergreen about twice per week. Usually he sits in Twilight Park with a book that he rarely reads. I have watched him from my office. Mainly he looks at the flowers and the birds and the trees and chats politely with passersby. Sometimes he ventures into The Emerald Inn across the way and heads straight for the upstairs bar, which is more rustic than the ground level bar.

There have been no complaints about him but one visitor did mention his presence when giving her impressions of my home sim. “He told me he is hoping to run into you so he can introduce himself.” “Oh?” “Yes. He certainly is harmless.  A very cheery fellow. He wants to apply for a position.” “This fellow wants to work for me?” “Yes,” continued the visitor, a Miss Scrabinski, “he wants to be your court jester.” She laughed, then realized she might be laughing a bit too hard, having just met me, and stopped her laugh short. “You don’t say,” I said, laughing politely as I thanked her for visiting and wished her well.

This odd, cheery fellow wants to be a court jester…and my court jester, at that. And this lady visitor thinks it is funny.

“It is funny, actually,” I chuckled to myself. I have a castle, maybe I could use a court jester.

I turned back and followed after my visitor, “Excuse me, Miss?” “Yes, Your Grace?” “Did this fellow give his name?” She paused and then began laughing again, as before, and it appeared she was trying to stop it again but was having no success. “Yes, Your Grace,” she said through the laughter, “He calls himself…Wanko Dickfield.”

It took her three times to get it out as her laughter became fully uncontrollable.

On second thought…

This & That

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It has again been a busy time in the other world and that has taken me away from my duties here for a time. Unfortunately, that situation will continue for several more weeks. But, most importantly, all is well in the “first” world. I have had a little time in the last few days to return to this world and show my face a bit.

The Tall Ships Races were held in Winterfell over the weekend, in support of the RFL campaign. What a grand event it was! A fine afternoon of sailing and seeing friends who I have missed in my time away. Only time to wave and say hello and promise to catch up as soon as time allows but just nice to see everyone again.

Winterfell’s newest citizen…

Word around town was that Lord and Lady Twilight had a new addition to the family. As Winterfell Ambassador, I certainly would not comment on rumors involving our realm’s “first family.” But Lady Twilight herself has confirmed the story in an announcement in Winterfell’s official newspaper. Baby Twilight, called Selena, arrived with The Mist…which comes and goes in Winterfell in a manner which I have not observed elsewhere, in all my travels through time. What a wonderful world this little one has entered. My best wishes to Selena and the entire Twilight family. And a belated Happy R’Day to Lord Twilight. I understand quite a bash was held in his honor while I was away.

Speaking of Rez Days, Addison Greymyst hosted a small gathering of friends on his special day last week. I was pleased to attend as I have known Addison since he first came to this world. Just two years but it seems like more. How virtual time does fly! (Addison, your gardens are absolutely lovely!)

Follow up on Steeltopia..

It’s gone from the map. I had the opportunity to check in several times in the days following my last report. Then I was away. Upon my return, I tried to travel to Steeltopia again. It was not possible though it still appeared on my live map. However, a check this morning shows that to no longer to be the case.

The Empire is just a memory now.

It makes one appreciate what they have. To make a home in such a wonderful place as Winterfell and to see it survive through the ups and downs and bumps and turns of this world is a special thing.

Little Selena doesn’t yet know how lucky she is. But we know.

I hope to see you around the realm soon.

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