Steelhead City Open For Business

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This morning, in my role as Winterfell Ambassador, I was reviewing the notes from last night’s Town Hall meeting in Steelhead and I saw that the first residents are moving back in to the prime region and shops and galleries are just beginning to return as well. I went over for a look. Rental boxes are in place and they are open for business.

It’s a good time to explore.

Street in the new Steelhead City

Street in the new Steelhead City




This & That

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It has again been a busy time in the other world and that has taken me away from my duties here for a time. Unfortunately, that situation will continue for several more weeks. But, most importantly, all is well in the “first” world. I have had a little time in the last few days to return to this world and show my face a bit.

The Tall Ships Races were held in Winterfell over the weekend, in support of the RFL campaign. What a grand event it was! A fine afternoon of sailing and seeing friends who I have missed in my time away. Only time to wave and say hello and promise to catch up as soon as time allows but just nice to see everyone again.

Winterfell’s newest citizen…

Word around town was that Lord and Lady Twilight had a new addition to the family. As Winterfell Ambassador, I certainly would not comment on rumors involving our realm’s “first family.” But Lady Twilight herself has confirmed the story in an announcement in Winterfell’s official newspaper. Baby Twilight, called Selena, arrived with The Mist…which comes and goes in Winterfell in a manner which I have not observed elsewhere, in all my travels through time. What a wonderful world this little one has entered. My best wishes to Selena and the entire Twilight family. And a belated Happy R’Day to Lord Twilight. I understand quite a bash was held in his honor while I was away.

Speaking of Rez Days, Addison Greymyst hosted a small gathering of friends on his special day last week. I was pleased to attend as I have known Addison since he first came to this world. Just two years but it seems like more. How virtual time does fly! (Addison, your gardens are absolutely lovely!)

Follow up on Steeltopia..

It’s gone from the map. I had the opportunity to check in several times in the days following my last report. Then I was away. Upon my return, I tried to travel to Steeltopia again. It was not possible though it still appeared on my live map. However, a check this morning shows that to no longer to be the case.

The Empire is just a memory now.

It makes one appreciate what they have. To make a home in such a wonderful place as Winterfell and to see it survive through the ups and downs and bumps and turns of this world is a special thing.

Little Selena doesn’t yet know how lucky she is. But we know.

I hope to see you around the realm soon.

Update: Attack On Steeltopia

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2:15 a.m. SLT, Friday, June 1. Steeltopia still stands, however precariously, though by the time you read this that may no longer be true.

I have just returned to the safety of Winterfell to make these notes which are being written at my office in Anodyne, next door to where the Steeltopia Embassy once proudly stood.

The scene on the ground in Steeltopia City is truly a nightmare. Official Imperial buildings that were part of the reconstruction project have sustained massive damage. The fire and smoke can be seen for miles. The forces of the Valerian Confederation have carried out what one seasoned observer referred to as “a scorched earth policy” in hopes of wiping Steeltopia from the map.

Steeltopia burns following attack by Valeria

The Imperial Navy base sustained heavy damage to its buildings and vessels. I was unable to view this damage close up when I last visited two days ago, as Valerian forces were still on the scene, holding the position. Yesterday I received this dispatch from Invertigo Caldwell, Commander of the remaining Steeltopia defense forces… “The Valerians continue to pummel the capital with mass naval bombardment, sending in tanks and troops to finish the job and wiping out our small but brave military resistance. There are reports of enemy troops raiding and looting valuables from the Regent Theatre, such as the Men and Women Over Caledon paintings.”

On today’s visit I saw a half-dozen Valerian tanks in the city center. A lone tank of the Steeltopia military forces stood nearby, wrecked and burning, the last vestige of the skeleton force left behind in the valiant effort to protect the city. But Valerian military personnel appear to have withdrawn for the moment, their absence causing me to wonder if it was safe for me to be here. I had been advised by officials of the Steeltopia Consortium of Scientific Endeavors (from their secret position in exile) not to use standard time machines to enter the city as the temporal environment remains unstable, this due to the fallout from the Valerians’ attack on Anchorage last year. That attack was carried out with an ancient super weapon that had been hidden in the coal mines of Steeltopia, a weapon many thought to be mere legend. The Valerians captured the weapon, which has since become known as the Scourge, and used it to cause the implosion and complete obliteration of Anchorage. The SCSE cautions that any use of time machines could cause a new flare-up in the temporal environment and destroy the remaining territory of the Empire in the same manner.

Imperial Military sources tell me the Empire’s last hope is the Sky Defenders Fleet with its flying fortress Evangelion which was said to be en route to engage and destroy the Scourge.

The city’s residents were safely evacuated some months ago. The whereabouts of The Emperor remain unknown at this time. He is officially listed as missing in action.


Editor’s note: You may wish to read my report from Steeltopia from last August on the heels of the attack on Anchorage…

Bulletin: Steeltopia Is Burning!

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An anonymous tip led me to take a trip to Steeltopia, most likely my last. I arrived at the site of the former Winterfell Embassy in time to view the aftermath of a full-fledged attack by forces of the Valerian Confederation against the ruins of Steeltopia. What remains of the deserted city has either been destroyed, damaged or is on fire as of this writing. Why the Valerians would bother at this point is hard to say.

I have no further details at this time but am working my sources. With the end of the month arriving tomorrow, it may be the last gasp for this once proud city. Explorers wishing to visit one last time must do so quickly!

Currency in the Steamlands

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I have published a new article on currency in the Steamlands. The article appears on the new blog of the Society of Steamland Bloggers. You may find it here…

You are also invited to join our inworld group.

Join The Group!

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I have just established an ‘inworld’ group for readers of my articles here and in other publications. Anyone can join the group which is called:

Danko Whitfield’s Readers

It will be used to send notices to members when I have published a new article or series of articles here and elsewhere. And you can wear the fun group tag, Steaming Along.

My blog has become rather popular and I am quite flattered by this. I have so many readers now that sending them individual notes about a new piece has become impossible. Hence, the formation of the above group. There are, of course, other means to keep abreast of the latest writing on this site, for example you could ‘subscribe’ to this blog.

Thank you for the kindness of your readership.

Editor’s Note: You can join Danko Whitfield’s Readers in Second Life, Kitely, InWorldz, OSgrid and Avination.

Steampunk Explorer Closes Offices But Group Lives On!

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We have closed our last two Steampunk Explorer offices, in Babbage and Caledon. Okay,  so no more bricks and mortar for SE, information by courier only now.

I wrote here recently that we had pretty much decided a few months back to close all of our offices but we kept putting it off mostly because our Executive Director Boston Steampunk and me, as Chairman, just liked having them around. I said in that journal entry that once I had written about my procrastination over the matter, I would probably get around to the task. I guess I know me pretty well.

By chance I was talking with a prominent gentleman of the Steamlannds over the weekend as he passed my Ambassador’s Office in Winterfell Absinthe. The conversation came around to available land in Caledon and I mentioned I had a spot that
might interest him in Tamrannoch. He went down there for a look and soon a deal was struck. This inspired me to sell off the Babbage property in Academy of Industry as well and that was accomplished a couple of hours later.

It was done.

When we started Steampunk Explorer it was a group of five friends who wanted to share information with each other as we explored the Steamlands. (Two more friends joined within a month. We took to calling ourselves, “The Caledon Seven.”)
Only one of us had extensive experience in the Steamlands. That was Boston Steampunk so he became the owner of the group. The group was not opened to the public at the time.

I had met Mr. Steampunk a few months earlier when he walked into The Evergreen Pub in Pine Tree Square where I was Mayor. The Square was then located in the Deitide region on the Mainland. There was a steampunk store in the town and Mr. Steampunk had been shopping and then came in for a pint. I had visited Caledon a few times and Winterfell and New Babbage once each so we had a nice conversation. We stayed in touch and one day he came back into the pub while I was there. He offered to take me on a tour of some of the places he liked best and I took him up on it. It was fun and we ended up in a Caledon pub at the end of the day.

By January of last year I had used the information Mr. Steampunk forwarded to me several times and met two of his other friends. When he invited me to be a founding member of his new group, I jumped at the chance. It seemed a nice diversion from the operation of my two Mainland towns and the building of a third. I had no idea where it would lead. Shortly after the group was up and running, the Steamlands Information Center in Caledon announced it was closing its doors. Our group members chatted about this and someone came up with the idea of Steampunk Explorer opening to the public and eventually having offices to fill the void. It seemed like a lot of work to me and there were costs to consider. I had no interest in it as I was too busy running my towns. Little did I know I would be the one who volunteered to do a good chunk of the work and come up with the cash.

In March of last year I bought a place in Winterfell, thinking it was just a getaway spot. But, as I have chronicled here earlier, it quickly became my new home and I left the Mainland behind. By April I was hosting two offices on my land, one in Winterfell Laudanum and the other in Caledon Tamrannoch on a parcel I purchased specifically for the group. In recognition of this contribution I was named Chairman with Mr. Steampunk taking the title Executive Director. We made plans for offices throughout the Steamlands. Eventually we had six offices and were trying to find a spot in Steeltopia as well.

We offered free information about – and guides to – the major Steamland nations and hoped to expand to cover others. (One person who should not go without mention here is Finn Steamer who took the lead on projects that Mr. Steampunk and I could not get to as we had our hands full.) Traffic was good, we received nice compliments and donations were coming in…not enough to defray my costs but enough to show we were doing something worthwhile. That was all that mattered to me. We had heard we had come to the attention of some heads of state and they liked what we were doing and saw the benefits to their nations. We were thrilled with it all. When one estate owner approached us and invited us to open an office in her nation, we knew we had arrived (but we couldn’t oblige as I was at my budget limit and only one other member had come forward to fund an office).

It continued that way until early this year when we came to the conclusion that the offices had really served their purpose. They got the group name out there and built up the membership faster than we expected. But the work involved became overhelming and it had only started as a private group for a few friends. We never expected it to take off like it did. Mr. Steampunk and I began to discuss whether to close some or all of the offices and return to the days when information was delivered by group notice only. It was about this time that Mr. Steamer and another of the original members, Artemus Rembrandt, found they did not have the time to continue at the pace they had worked at. Mr. Steampunk and I could relate. That pretty much settled it.

So now the group – 300 members strong – will continue to provide information but by notice only. There aren’t as many notices as there used to be (with fewer active contributors) but with group limits up to forty now everyone’s total number of notices is higher anyway. As I said to Mr. Steampunk, “When we send out new information we will make people happy. Every day that we don’t send out a notice will make them happy too.”

And you still get the cool group tag.


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